Lionhead to give big presentation at Microsoft's E3 conference

Gamezine: Yes, it's another announcement of an announcement, but Lionhead will be giving a big presentation at next week's E3.

Oh, the joys of Twitter continue. Lionhead Studio's official Twitter account has teased a big presentation to be held during Microsoft's press conference on Monday

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Forrest Gump4401d ago

New Black&White on PC/360 please.

LONEWOLF2314401d ago

Hahaha.......i was about to say that.
A new Black and White would be awesome!
Cant wait to hear what they have in store for MS.

Dark_Vendetta4401d ago

I know it's not possible yet but I'd like to see fable 3

bozebo4401d ago

lol, on 360? That would be a disaster

Grandizer4401d ago

I was thinking the same, a Current Gen Black and White game would be awesome.
That and Fable 3.... I want Fable 3.

Bnet3434401d ago

Black and White for 360 can be done by Robot/Ensemble since they did a very good job with Halo Wars. I hope they bring something new to E3 for the 360. I'm tired of Fable already to be honest. They need a new breakout title.

NegativeCreepWA4401d ago

I want to see B.C. put back in production.

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Foxgod4401d ago (Edited 4401d ago )

Whatever they announce, it will be awesome, hopefully the rumors of 2 lionhead titles for the 360 in 2009 are true.

Maybe Lionhead will have an Epic styled announcement at E3.

Would be awesome too if all Rare's announcements will be just as great, people wont know where to look anymore then =)

4401d ago
Foxgod4401d ago (Edited 4401d ago )

Funny, but MS got 5 meaningfull studio's
And about the ps3 exclusives, i am tired to hear about how great Fat princess and MAG will be.

If i ever buy a ps3, i wont even bother playing those games.

beans4401d ago

Sony's lineup sounds pretty impressive, but for me 360 is were it's at and only getting stronger. E3 should answer a ton of questions so I hope it's good news. One thing about SOny's lineup or trend that does seem off is the constant push back release dates they keep announcing. I mean seriously I don't get why they announce there line up so early knowing dang well the games are far off. MS could do the same thing which makes me wonder if this is just Sony's way of using it's fans, and the web to hype a game before release even though it's years away.

Back on topic: I would be so happy if Lionhead announced the return of BC development. As far as the other two titles go, I'm extremly excited to hear about them.

"Would be awesome too if all Rare's announcements will be just as great" I'm willing to bet that Rare will finally blow our socks off with games we actually want to hear about. MAybe we get a Kameo2, perfect dark2, conker 360,or even K3 which would make lots of noise at e3.

Tony P4401d ago

@krakdol: Yes, Sony will have a lot of great announcements, but we're talking about MS and the 360 right now.

Anyway, I hope "big" is used to measure quantity AND quality. What's better than a great new game? Five of them. /wreckless optimism

XLiveGamer4401d ago (Edited 4401d ago )

"MS could do the same thing which makes me wonder if this is just Sony's way of using it's fans, and the web to hype a game before release even though it's years away"

Dude you just hit a HOMERUN there! That is why i hate the mayority of the PS3 fanatics comments about coming PS3 titles. They are always hyping them to make them look and sound like AAA's but at the end its just another boring game. They are always trying to convince others to like their prefered games.

mmm... i sense the movement of the moderator in n4g. its getting closer... here comes the N4G PS3 Fans Bodyguards.

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ShabzS4401d ago (Edited 4401d ago )

well they've already told that they're showing a new ip right ? or was that a rumor ?

Foxgod4401d ago

It came from an interview with the big Pete, you could consider it a strong rumor.

jesterlives4401d ago

That Microsoft decided to resurrect Lionhead's unfinished BC game. If not then maybe his new game will have a persuadatron in it.

Tony P4401d ago

On old Lionhead RPG in limbo. Kind of like Fable in with cavemen.

Foxgod4401d ago

Cool, lionhead rpg's are always welcome =)

Xi4401d ago (Edited 4401d ago )

was a game that was being develop by intrepid for the xbox. It was pretty much fable + black and white. You took control of a member of a tribe of cavemen, and your actions could be taught to the rest of a tribe.

If you pushed a giant rock onto a dinasour to kill it for food, your tribe members would emulate that action.

Not only that the world would be directly effected, if you burn a grass around you, the rats that lived off of it would leave, and that would cause the larger animals that hunt said rats to leave.

caves and instances would provide you with new technology/weapons/etc to help your tribe evolve.

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Rhezin4401d ago

I think they should take a break on that series and re-examine it. First one was badass don't get me wrong, BUT 2 SUCKED BIG TIME. Never played such a short, pixelated, glitch-infested, repetitive piece of junk like that in awhile.

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