Telltale: Doctor Who would be a dream licence

Adventure studio thinks Timelord 'would be really good for us'.

Telltale CEO Dan Connors has told Develop that the firm would love to make a Doctor Who adventure game.

The licence, he tells us, is frequently requested by fans: "It crops up around the studio a lot, but we also get e-mails all the time asking us to make a Doctor Who series. It's a real favourite with people out there. Just the other day we got an e-mail from someone who said that we make games using all their favourite licences, bar Doctor Who."

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Black Maverick4402d ago

I'm still waiting for someone to make right proper Doctor Who game. Something in the sense of Professor Layton.

PirateThom4402d ago

I'd love BioWare to get the rights and make something similar to Mass Effect.

Different planets, different times, free exploration.