World's first ever Blu-ray PlayStation demo disc with OPM-UK

Issue 6 of PlayStation Official Magazine-UK hits the shelves on 2nd May. In a world first it will include the first publicly available Blu-ray demo disc for the PlayStation 3.

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kingboy4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

Mine came with a free Ps3 T-shirt

I`v actually seen this kinda Blu ray demo disc(Japanese mag) it contained Trailers ,Demos, Behind the scenes ,making of certain games and more..

neogeo4275d ago

Funny, It will be worth money someday known as the fastest disk format to fade away. Correction Mini disk did not last long, but honestly I loved the idea of mini disk.

Armyless4275d ago

OPM sold it's last issue in the states a couple months ago!!!

GaMr-4275d ago

Well.... It had better have atleast 30 playable demo's, Trailers, HD Interviews and Bay watch re-runs atleast 3 seasons. hmmm gotta fill up those 25-50 gigs some how right?

techie4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

Nice look forward to the demos. Actually I want have a ps3 until June so...damn it!

Some big demos then:) Maybe whole levels?

lilwingman4275d ago

I'm getting mine around then too :)

I can't see these demo discs being worth putting on a BD though. It would take a ton of demos to make it worth it (who wants trailers when they're widely available on the web in HD anyways).

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