DJ Hero: First Screenshots

Activision has published the first screens from their highly anticipated music game DJ Hero. Cynamite has put them online.

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crazy17044407d ago

Finally some shots, but I don't think this will be a guitar hero killer...

Myst4407d ago (Edited 4407d ago )

In my eyes the controller looks rather awkward. Though maybe it's because of previous games such as Beatmania. Just don't know about this one yet, I like the dual tables a bit better than a single. Nothing against this game just a preference. So hopefully their may be an option to use two..?

ViolentMessiah4407d ago

If you go to they have video of what easy and medium will look like, with hard and expert videos unlocking in June. Also at the bottom of the page somewhere it said the game modes include dj vs. dj, dj with dj, and dj with guitar. Mic's are also useable with the game.
For $120 probably not going to pick this up, but will be at whichever friends of mine do get it!

slave2Dcontroller4407d ago

getting this day 1. I wonder if Technics will let them use a patentfor the 1200's like Fender does for rockband. I cant wait to cut some vinyl on my wheels of steel

Myst4407d ago

Technics are so old, Fisher price is where it's at :)

Though truth be told if they do I may rethink and consider buying if it's a technic. P.S. the 1200 looks sick!