New Oblivion Content Coming

There will soon be a new DLC pack for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion released, with the name Mehrunes' Razor. The ones who buy it are promised "the biggest dungeon in Cyrodiil", with some new books and items added in it - and of course, with some secret treasures.

juggernaut6215d ago

its nice to see that the oblivion creators main goal is to keep this game alive. now all they need to do is add aleast 2 player co-op.

shotty6215d ago

Multiplayer will be crazy. Imagine walking around that world with your friends. Go battle stuff in the wild, hunt bears. Even the Arena will be great being able to fight each other.

speed6215d ago

oh yes! keep it comin'! my thief/assassin is ready to beat some more ass'!!

Evolved3606215d ago

This is awesome. Keep it coming. Hopefully other game developers will do similar add ons to their games.

USMChardcharger6215d ago

hopefully other developers will take note on how the Oblivion folks have been taking care of their customers.

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