Pre-Order the Conduit and get free speakers

If you pre-order the special edition of The Conduit from you will get free MP3 speakers featuring the game's logo.

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LoaMcLoa4405d ago

Cooool!But would've been cooler if it looked like the ASE :D

ChickeyCantor4405d ago

But now its a Conduit can catch music.....

Sorry xD.
Yes would have been nicer if it was an ASE.

xabmol4405d ago

That is one helluva pre-order bonus!

kesvalk4405d ago

but it would've been better if they gave a headset, like "surprise, conduit supports headsets, we fooled you guys!"

it would be cool...

dogmeat eater4405d ago

People are really hyping it. But judging by the pics and videos. This just looks like another average shooter.

Shnazzyone4405d ago

oh well i suppose i'll be happy with my 24 page art booklet i'm getting from game stop... I was fooled into thinking the "ase included" was a lil plastic thing but it's in game... what a gyp! In game preorder things are such a waste. I want crappy plastic swag!!!