Famitsu PSP+PS3 cover showcasing new Metal Gear

cover of the upcoming famitsu pp+ps3 issue which promises to have huge blowout on the upcoming Metal Gear Solid game

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jkoz5500d ago

And this is in the 360 section why...? lol

solideagle15500d ago (Edited 5500d ago )

its not even in PSP section. we need new strategy in hidden leaf.ohh maaaaannnn


Sarcasm5500d ago

Because MGS4 is sooooooo confirmed on the 360... since 2006...?


I've actually been playing MGS4 again... And man, cant wait for the next.

SL1M DADDY5500d ago

Because as much as the Xbox fanboys cry about how lame the game MGS4 was with it's movie length cut scenes and "bland game play", they can't hide the FACT that they want this game on the 360 so bad they can taste it. It's pathetic really.

And as for MHO... The game was far from bland and the cut scenes were farking amazing!

Solbadguy5500d ago

Cause since its on the PSP, they think theres hope for it on the 360. lol j/k

jkoz5500d ago

Oh silly me... how could I not see that.

UltimateIdiot9115500d ago

OMG, We've figure HHG's next headline or um story. We should totally start our own page and spew bs titles.

cmrbe5500d ago

and Kojima is actually releasing a new IP?.

Legendary-Status5500d ago

been keeping that on my mind since this begin...

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Yes, that's Kara in season 4 of The Boys

Been watching season 4 of The Boys and find Firecracker's face familiar? As a gamer, where you know her from might surprise you.

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Nerdmaster18h ago

I did have one of those "where do I know her from...?" feelings.
It's funny how a different hair style changes a person. I saw some pictures of her with short or blond hair and it made me remember Kara, but making her a redhead AND with long hair, just bugged my brain.
Here's hoping her character survives until the end of the show (even though her character is a horrible person).

just_looken17h ago

No doubt homelander will get pissed and show her his appreciation.

Episode 3 i was expecting a bitch slap death but it never happened he was zoned out then.

Would it not buy the boys still comedy she fight's back with that lame finger snap power he is like bitch really then just takes her out with one hit LOL

bloop6h ago

Thank you. Couldn't remember who Kara was and was too lazy to open article.

Tankbusta4011h ago

The only image from the show in my mind is the multiplying dudes eating each others butts in the sauna