The revolutionnary annoucement is a CO-OP PSP/PS3 Metal Gear Game

According to two french blogger of "GameKyo" named Ribery and Theclad, the website of Kojima can easy announce a New sort of CO-OP game, revolutionnary, with the New Metal Gear !
Because of three new letters on the Kojima Production Next Project.
There is one C, one O, and one P.

So there is CO-OP.

We can imagine that the first player use his PS3 to control Snake (Big Boss) and the second player use his PSP to control the new Ninja (Raiden/ Gray Fox)


According to the same member called Theclad, in reality the Soldier Ninja will me more famous with the name "Sunny" very related with the Website "NEXT" from Kojima Productions, because the Sun erase Clouds ans rains.

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Kain815045d ago

That would be a Megaton if that is true.
Kojima is really a Mastermind.

ThatCanadianGuy5045d ago

Best theory so far.Tho i really, really wish people would stop trying to figure out Kojima's plans and just wait till he announces his project(s).

It's getting annoying having the front page covered in 10 different theory's of what it could be..

Why o why5045d ago

TOO much speculation. Its almost as annoying as the epl transfer window

DaTruth5044d ago

Ya, but it's better than the front page filled with "It's coming to teh 360" articles!

qface645045d ago

i don't see it boosting psp sales though considering you would have to have both a ps3 and a psp just to play it same goes for ps3 right?
that's how it would be right?

STK0265045d ago

not really, I'm guessing it would be a PSP game, maybe like PO, and a PS3 game, like MGS4, sold separately. One would have you play as Big Boss and the other as Raiden. However, if you happen to have all the gears and both games, you get to play it in co-op. That's what I understand, but I might be wrong. I'm guesssing it would be similar to FF:CC Echoes of Time on the Wii/DS, the game is fully playable on both platforms, but if you have both and 2 games, they can play the game together.

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The story is too old to be commented.