Asus Creates Dual GTX 285 "Frankencard"

The ASUS MARS 295 Limited Edition takes two GeForce 285 circuit boards (not 295 GPUs as the name suggests) featuring NVIDIA's fastest single-GPU and joins them together via a built-in SLI bridge. But that's not all! ASUS has kitted out each board with 2GB of GDDR3.

The result? A Frankencard!

* Dual 55nm GPUs clocked at 648MHz
* 480 stream processors, clocked at 1,476MHz
* 4,096MB of GDDR3 memory
* 2,125 peak GFLOPS and a peak fillrate of 41.47 Gpixel/s

If one of these cards isn't enough then you could always get two and set up a quad-GPU SLI system.

The photo above says "Limited Edition 1/1000? on the card, and if this is the case expect to pay some serious bucks for this card.

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