Prison Break Video Game Coming This Fall

The Extortionist at E4G writes ""Prison Break" may be done on TV, but the video game is getting a second chance."

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Hellsvacancy4402d ago

If its based on the 1st series yeah great but if not oh no no no no

I remember renting Lost the video-game - actually no thinkin about it i bought it 4 a fiver huh 4got about that (i just relised i just typed wot was thinkin) the game sucked balls anyway if i had paid a penny 4 it i still would of been pissed

farhsa20084402d ago

woohoo, i love prison break

dkblackhawk4402d ago

if you guys could approve this instead of just commenting...

Hellsvacancy4402d ago

I cant even get anythin on 2 the pendin section only in the tips bit - thats y i dont bother anymore but i would like 2 add aleast 1 article in my life-time

dkblackhawk4402d ago

just find a really good article or make your own like i did. It helps a lot.

HBK6194402d ago

Hmmm, this show went downhill badly after season 2, this was hands down my favourite show, I was so amped every time I would watch a new episode that I would NEED the next just to get through, then they went with the whole Sona thing in the jail and then went really Lost by just going in some really stupid directions.

I haven't seen the latest season, but it was no where near where it could've been last time I saw this show.

A game could be great, but thinking about it, it will most likely be a stinker.

Ron Zook4401d ago

Just let this show die already, the only good season was season 1! Now they're going ot make a game about the show? Ugh... as if movie games weren't bad enough, now we have TV games! nooooo!! I wonder if Uwe Boll will be the producer lol!

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