MS Considering Special Trade In for Elite?

From the forums:

"I called Gamestop today to see what kind of value I would get for my Prem 360 and the manager told me that they would have to see it in person, of course we all know that, but after talking to him about the elite he said that corporate had sent a memo stating that MS was working on a special Trade in for existing 360 owners to get the Elite. Im guessing there is alot of truth to the statement due to all the negative feedback from the gaming community. That would make things alot better if they did."

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BIadestarX4278d ago

If this is true, then this should stop all the negativity around this new SKU. well, i'm sure sony fanboys will complain anyways.

tethered4278d ago

What would MS do with all the ones that were traded in?

Just curious.

specialguest4278d ago

Well, retail companies like Gamestop would sell it and make a good profit. Not everyone needs an Elite.

fjtorres4278d ago (Edited 4278d ago )

Specialty Retailers like Gamestop already buy used systems so a trade-in program at the retailer level would be no different.
If MS were a partner, they could agree to take whatever units the retailer can't move and then factory-refurbish them (say replace the noisy DVD drive for a quiet one, maybe replace the case, etc) and sell them through a "Factory-refurbished" ; outlet. Might be a way to hit $199 this year for a core config.
Would make *some* sense.
Not much but some.
It would cost money but it would shut the d****** whiners up.
I doubt you'd get more than $150 for the unit itself, though, and maybe $50 for the 20 GB HDD, if that much. And that would likely be with MS eating some of the costs $150 for both sounds more likely.

Still, under those conditions, *I* might consider an Elite... ;-)

sovietsoldier4278d ago (Edited 4278d ago )

ms would spray paintem black and re sell them. this is the first of its kind to my knowledge. i would not mind paying a little more for a new console. and by the way to who ever posted a disagree to the tethered
post you should be banned from this site!

THAMMER14278d ago

I remember I bought a XBOX for $149.99. It came in a white box that said refurbished the same for PS2.

If tis is true this is good news.

Black Republican4278d ago

(and I hope so)
My 360 broke (for the second time) so I'm waiting for it to return (fixed)
Well I had enough and called EB but they would only give me 170 (Canadian $) for it, so screw it. I will stick with my 360, hopefully this special trade in will be more then that.

sajj3164278d ago

I want to trade in my premium for the Elite but how would I transfer the data from my existing HDD to the 120HDD that I haven't 'traded in' for yet. Def need to think about the logitics of this one.

BOOSTIN4278d ago

you pay a core charge that is refunded when you bring back your old 20 gig HD after transfering your data over to your new 120 gig unit. gamestop doesnt need to original HD for your exact 360 anyway so they can sell your used system and throw a 20 gig hard drive in the bag.

Spud0064278d ago

I would think that the store would have a 360 hooked up with the transfer and then they would just need to attach the two hdd and transfer. Usually stores have demo models so I would say that the store, or MS, would have thought about this too. But who knows.

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The story is too old to be commented.