Media Create Hardware Sales May 18th – May 24th

Handhelds dominate Japanese sales again in another slow week.

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Forrest Gump4402d ago

"Playstation 2 - 4,075
Xbox 360 - 3,854"

Tsk tsk tsk.

UltimateIdiot9114402d ago

Well, you can't deny the fact that the PS2 is legendary.

Seferoth754402d ago


Looks like the PS3 fad is over

NateDPG4402d ago

It can't be over if it didn't even started yet. The 2 months or so were just just a warm up for true domination which will come once PS3 hits a mass market friendly price.

DrWan4402d ago

number of consoles x price

you will see a whole new picture and you will see which company actually makes up most of the video game industry's revenue.

ChickeyCantor4402d ago

Looks like Seferoth got you both good...hahaha.

theKiller4402d ago (Edited 4402d ago )

PSP - 27,536
Playstation 3 - 10,932
Playstation 2 - 4,075
Xbox 360 - 3,854

by a 9 years old gaming console!!!

please, i dont want to see any bot trying to twist this!!! its futile pointless!!!!!!!!


I get the point already dude,last gen console outsells next gen console.Kind of obvious isn't it,but thanks for the hot tip.
I bet you despise 'flamewars' yet have no qualms about inciting them.Handhelds up across the board,not really surprising considering the lack of good,and I stress 'good' games lately,imho,at least.PS3 seen a nice,yet brief surge,and the 360 continues on as it was.The PS2 remains strong in the place of its conception,even after all this time.Amazing? No.Interesting? Perhaps.Honestly,I am confused as to why the 360 isn't selling more considering it's library of rpg's.They might not all be great but as a whole they are certainly strong.Makes me wonder if FF13 will have the desired effect,regardless of platform.