The Rise and Fall of Arcades, will they ever make a comeback?

Arcades have been around in various forms since the 1920's. They evolved from Coney Island amusement parks featuring shooting galleries to ball tossing. Through the 20th century they took on alternate forms with pinball and fortune telling machines taking the lead. In 1972, Atari was formed and created the infamous "pong" coin op game.

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Myst4399d ago

One of my favorite activities as a child was going with my sister to the arcade and going home around 10:00 PM. As much as I'd like to see arcades make a return in truth I don't believe such an action will come about. With the way gaming systems are now I would find it very unlikely that arcades would come back, perhaps if the arcades had some sort of special incentive for coming in on certain days then maybe. Other than that I don't really see a lot of people running toward the chained gates of an arcade trying to fight their way in anytime soon.

Great article and agree with the conclusion, and in closing need a bit more cafe's. Would love to sit in one and play Monster Hunter with other people.