New Colin McRae Screenshots

The boys at Codemasters don't like to waste time. They've released another new set of screenshots from their promising racer, DIRT: Colin McRae Off-Road. Check it out.

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power0919994275d ago

I am more excited about this game than Forza 2, and GT5 combined.

I really hope this one delivers.

Looks fantastic.

THWIP4275d ago

but this definitely has potential to win me over. I'm much more interested in a next-gen TOCA Race Driver 4 from Codemasters.

PS360PCROCKS4275d ago

wow this looks so good the backgrounds are amazing looking

level 3604275d ago

The actual in-car camera game shot ( the rallye car ) is the money shot for me... this will be a classic!!! What a great line-up of buggies,utes/trucks and rallye cars and the look is awesome.