'Prison Break' Star Teases 'Bioshock' Involvement

Wentworth Miller has "other things" in the works, including Bioshock film.
"Prison Break may be ending, but I've got things in the works. Hint... one word: Bioshock," Miller said on Twitter, as reported by Bloody Disgusting..

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Grey Fox 924400d ago

Good! I'd love to see the BioShock movie!

Tito Jackson4400d ago

could be a great movie. hopefully they get a huge budget.


Another video game movie, we must get used to it!

Tony P4400d ago

It is physically impossible for me to get hyped over a video game movie anymore. I don't care who's acting, I care if the writer has enough brains and daring to create or adapt a thoughtful script. You'd think no one could mess up Bioshock's story, but oh my the things I've seen.

tamd4400d ago

good to see wentworth miller as a lead role

Ziriux4400d ago

I'm glad that Wentworth Miller will be in the movie, he's a great actor loved him in Prison Break.

HQLocated1114400d ago

Great! Hopefully him and Burrows(I forget his real name) are in Bioshock.

OSIRUSSS4400d ago

Dominic Purcell( burrows ) would make an awesome Atlas / Fontaine!!