Miyamoto Calls Out Third Party Publishers Who Assign 'Fourth-String Teams' to His Systems

Miyamoto speaks at length about why his GDC keynote looked back rather than ahead; why third parties--and the fourth-string teams they often assign to Nintendo games--are responsible for those games' low sales; and what he thought of PlayStation's then just-announced Home and LittleBigPlanet.

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GuardianEarth4275d ago

I'm really suprised that Nintendo is the only one who DOESN'T bash on Sony for copying them. Twice.

I mean, if such a big company is so popular on their own with the PS2, why start copying the competition (that has been in third for two game generations at that).

The whole mess is bull. Sony really needs to pull out with the PS3 and let the Wii and 360 handle the market. Just make a PS4 THAT WILL ACTUALLY DELIVER.

NikV34275d ago

sony only copied the motion sensor, wich isnt realy copying because they're completly diffrent. and the rumble pack was an add on on the 64, sony made the first controler with built in rumble

anthonsh4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

Odd quote...

Odd interview too. I think that if you take that one paragraph, it can be taken out of context... But if you read over the whole interview, it is actually pretty clear he isnt slamming EA or anything... So I'm happy.

THWIP4275d ago need great HARDWARE. Most 3rd-party devs look at the Wii architecture, and still see a GC with a new controller (which is pretty much the case). The really ambitious, creative dev teams, would rather sink their time into the 360 or PS3, because of the far-superior processing power, memory, and online capabilities. Therefore, a lot of devs are putting "4th stringers" on the Wii, especially if it's a multiplatform game.

anthonsh4275d ago

Wow, I can feel the hate in your voice.

ITR4274d ago

To have great games you need to make your console as open as it can be and not out price indi developers.

ItsDubC4274d ago

This is exactly the kind of thinking that Sony and MS have perpetuated in the minds of consumers in order to sell their respective consoles. The fact of the matter is, the Wii hardware is more than capable of delivering great games unless u base a game's greatness solely on graphics and overly-robust AI algorithms (which, ironically, most MS and Sony fanboys will never take notice of cuz they're too distracted by pretty pictures). The Wii hardware is already capable of online play, so that is a moot point.

Games that appeal to consumers who think graphics are indicative of a game's overall quality are expensive to develop and are therefore much more of a risk from a business standpoint. This is why I think top-tier game developers are assigned to these projects, and is also why the average cost of an Xbox360/PS3 game is higher than the average cost of a Wii game.

Sony and MS have done a great job of convincing ppl that great visuals mean great games. But if that were the case, then there wouldn't be so many Flash games online that are more fun (and free!) than a lot of console games.

anthonsh4274d ago

Yeah, screw the public, lets just make games for elite PC owners.

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