GO3: Gears of war about fun, not innovation: Epic producer

The Xbox 360's Gears of War may have sold millions of copies and garnered multiple awards, but that didn't stop critics from pointing out that the title's cover-based gameplay and gruff-marines-facing- insurmountable-odds storyline wasn't exactly breaking new ground. Epic Games producer Rod Fergusson has now jumped to his game's defence, saying that games should be fun first, and innovative second.

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Mishmash194269d ago

One of the things that I do like about microsoft is their advertising for their games. You saw promos for games (Gears of War & Lost Planet) a few weeks before the games were released, which he mentioned was part of Gears marketing approach. I really thought the commercial for Gears of War "Mad World" was really intriguing and made me inquire more about the game, even though I did read about the game prior to their advertising. They did a good job building hype and interests in both Gears and Lost Planet. Sony is getting better now with their advertising. Instead of freaky babies or exploding rubics cubes, they do showcase their games now in tv ads (Motorstorm, Resistance). I was shocked in not seeing God of War 2 advertised at all with tv ads. I may be wrong, but I do not recall Sony advertising this game much. Luckily, it had a large following and had people, myself included, counting down the days of its release. But I do give MS props for their PR efforts.

The Snake4269d ago

I saw quite a few commercials for GOW2. They were mostly on Adult Swim and I believe Spike TV as well.

ChefDejon4269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

i always hear people say i cant wait till GOW 2 comes out. then im like it is out. even though there is a commercial out it hasnt been marketed that well

Theo11304269d ago

if they would have just shown a guy geting chainsawed that would have sold 5 milion more

kewlkat0074269d ago

if thats was what they were trying to convey, then yes it was a fun game.

Odiah4269d ago

I didn't really like it, the find cover, run, duck, shoot gameplay isn't my kind of thing.

I enjoyed that pinata game though, I want some in my back garden.

Funky Town_TX4269d ago

games to have fun. I don't know about you guys though. Now EPIC add some more online modes.

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