Zune HD Hands On: Photos and Video Tour

Gizmodo writes:

"Having just played with a prototype for a few minutes, I'm really impressed with the Zune HD. I've got a video, too, showing off how well the animations work.

The device is tighter and more physically beautiful than the iPod Touch and it's got a better UI, the main menu's scrolling so natural through the swipe gestures."

Fishy Fingers5469d ago (Edited 5469d ago )

Nice looking piece of kit. Seems to navigate much better than the previous models. Anyone know whether it's multi-touch or not?

Now they need to catch up with Apple with their own App Store type thing. Thats one of the most attractive features of the iphone/ipod touch, the ease of which you can obtain new features/games/music/movies etc

The Master Chief5469d ago

Supposedly the "Zune Store" will be integrated within XBL and XBLA. XBLA games will destroy iPhone games.

Fishy Fingers5469d ago

Well personally I wouldnt be so sure until I've actually seen what they have to offer. Another reason why I wondered whether it's multi-touch or not as if it isnt that kind of limits you options, especially with games.

I like to actually see something in action before I post it up on a pedistal.

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Jrome5468d ago (Edited 5468d ago )

It supports multi-touch, and it does have a "Marketplace". It will also feature integration with Xbox Live and all that.

I have a Zune 80 and I'm definitely upgrading to this when it comes out.

EDIT -- @ FamilyGuy

It supports up to 720p videos I believe and you need to buy the dock to use the HD streaming to your TV.

pain777pas5468d ago

It has HDMI based on some article I read recently but its too similar to the Iphone I need to know more about this product based on what I saw I'm kinda like.......... so what in comparison to the iphone they need to do more here to make me get excited.

lovecipher75468d ago

Yes it is multi touch it has the same type of screen the iphone and ipod touch has.

4Sh0w5468d ago (Edited 5468d ago )

I want to see the web browser and its 360 intergration if its anything close to what I'm expecting then I'm almost positive that Im going to get this new Zune, really love the whole style of this thing. Great job microsoft.

SaberEdge5468d ago

I borrowed my cousin's Zune for a couple months and I really loved it. This new Zune HD sounds and looks amazing. I can't wait until we find out more about it. I already know I am getting it though.

FamilyGuy5468d ago

But why was my comment deleted? It was on topic...

IdleLeeSiuLung5468d ago

Functionality aside, MS products tend to look ugly. Sony tends to look amazing, but this is a nice surprise. Very sexy indeed, if it has the right features, specs and price I will buy it. If it is overpriced like Apple products, forget it!

bjornbear5466d ago

And if by "destroy iPhone games" you mean make everyone that has an iPhone throw it away and buy a Zune HD because of the games....or that the thousands of seperate devs. making games using the SDK will stop making them in sheer AWE of the Zune...i think not =P

But hey, about time iPhone got some competition...lets js hope what happened with the Zune won't happen to this =P

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rCrysis5469d ago

very nice. I've always loved the Zune interface compared to the iPod interface. It has more of a personal feeling.

dirthurts5468d ago

Can't wait to get ahold of one.
I wonder how much it will be? I'm betting 250...
that makes me sad.

NegativeCreepWA5468d ago

I think it'll be more than that, I just got 120gig Zune a few months ago and it still cost $250.

talltony5468d ago

Than the iphone or ipod touch but if it doesnt have a great app store then it will never be as good.End of story!

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