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If all you care about is blasting things to pieces, you're going to love Red Faction: Guerrilla. Seeing a tower topple to the ground in a seemingly realistic fashion after smacking away its support beams with a sledgehammer is really a thrill, and though it may lose its appeal as you continue through the lengthy campaign, it's still worth checking out, particularly after you unlock some of the better weapons. What's more disappointing about Volition's effort is the rocky mission design, bland artistic style, weak plot and anemic character development, which shifts too much focus to the element of destruction to maintain a level of excitement. Its enjoyable gunplay mechanics along with the weapons and opportunity for tearing apart structures carry over into the online space, where Volition has built an impressive multiplayer suite that includes stat tracking, unlocks, and a number of game modes that focus on flattening buildings. While the game may not do everything right, it's your best bet for free-form demolition and unpretentious entertainment.

Presentation - 7.0
Graphics - 7.0
Sound - 6.5
Gameplay - 8.0
Lasting Appeal - 8.5
Overall -

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WildArmed4401d ago

dmn it. already picked up infamous..
so this game is gonna have to wait. :(
I really loved the demo (SP n MP).
oh well..
next game to get:
Red Faction :D

Then Uncharted 2 :D

irish-leprecaun4401d ago

this to flop like fracture!! lol silly me!!

hazeblaze4401d ago

I was actually expecting it to score higher... an 8.0 is still a great score but I am slightly dissapointed. It comes down to this & Prototype for me... so I'll be waiting to see how Prototype scores.

solidsnakus4401d ago (Edited 4401d ago )

i was expecting this game to get mid 80s scores so i was suprised by all the 90s. day one purchase for me, an openworld game + everything destructable + cod4 style online with xp and unlocks=... hell yea.

RememberThe3574401d ago

I beat the first two Red Factions so I figured I'd give this one a try. Turned out the demo was kick ass and the reviews are great. I love it when a plan comes together.

TheMurderer4401d ago

Gamepro gave it a 5/5. Just about every review I've seen for RF:G has been higher than this. To say that this review is the LOWEST, is really a great compliment.

KKanjiAnkh4400d ago

I'm currently playing it on the PS3, and I don't see an 8 yet, but I just got DUST, the 2nd territory. The game has outstanding explosions, terrain deformation, smooth play control, but so far the story feels like Mercenaries 2 on Mars, but I'm gonna keep playing.

I also finished Damnation, so ask me if you wanna know about it.

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Pennywise4401d ago

IGN needs to learn how to add and divide.

7.4/10. How does 4 of the scores come in below the average. lol

cranium4401d ago

It clearly states that the final score isn't an average.

Pennywise4401d ago

Oh so the final score should be somewhat reflective of the breakdown scores. How can the breakdowns be less than the final score?? Did they like the boxart enough to raise it .6?

PirateThom4401d ago

Even if the presentation, sound and graphics are lacking, maybe they found the game fun enough and the gameplay solid enough to warrant the score?

WildArmed4401d ago

since (in my book)
Gameplay counts more than sound..
last appealing means alot.
graphics rank in the top 4

so in my book, if it rocks in those parts, it should get a better score than its avg.

but i just may be stupid or somthing ^^

Pennywise4401d ago

I am not trying to bash this game... but When the Gameplay is an 8 Thom, if they liked the game enough... wouldnt that gameplay score be higher? Just confused.

El_Colombiano4401d ago

8 is a fine score for gameplay Pannywise. Not everything needs to be 9's and 10's to be considered good you know. But I agree, they should average the scores.

SuperM4401d ago

You cant score a game just based off simple points like sound, graphics, presentation etc. Its the entire package that matters, how it comes together and how it feels to play. Doing an average out of all the different parts of a game does not do the game or any other game any justice.

Marquis_de_Sade4401d ago

A game can be greater than the sum of its parts.

velaxun4401d ago

^ so true, bubble for you!

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Daz4401d ago (Edited 4401d ago )

I really like this game(From Demo point of view). come home form work and smash the crap out of everythig and take your anger out on the buildings ;p

u got owned4401d ago

another good review score, this game turned out to be pretty good.

trips_you_up4401d ago

First cool game with destructable environments I ever played..I will at least rent this one.

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