Should you be excited by Sky Sports on your Xbox 360?

The Sky Player is basically the Sky version of the BBC iPlayer so this means you'll be able to watch Sky content via your console. The press release touts this ability to watch TV content via your console as a first, although you can already access the iPlayer through your PS3 and Wii. What *is* excting is the nature of the content. The sport is the big draw, with the potential to watch Sky Sports 1,2 & 3 via your console. However, the full channel line-up is yet to be finalised.

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GiantEnemyCrab4407d ago

So much more than just an excellent game console!

Shadow Flare4407d ago

Yeah, it's a radiator too

This is a very cool feature though. I wish the ps3 would have this. Until then, i'll have to watch football on sky sports on my 40" bravia in the living room