PS3 Update Inbound Soon; VidZone Included

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"According to Jake Osuwah (Sony PR), we will be getting a PS3 update soon. We speculate that it likely will arrive some time during E3, as VidZone is coming soon. He doesn't mention if it is a firmware update, or something that will be in a PS Store update."

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DoucheVader4406d ago

Another feature for the feature packed PS3!

ps3gamerkyle4406d ago

This years E3 *hopefully* will bring a slew of new content, games and some surprises, to the PS3!

WildArmed4406d ago

can't wait 4 another surprise like last E3.
I love their 'hidden' features in their firmware.
Its a pleasure to find out OMG u can do this now and they didnt tell me lol

edhe4406d ago

Isn't that the vidzone stuff i refuse to buy on the 360 because it's not HD?

Fishy Fingers4406d ago

Huh? Vidzone is completely free and currently only avaliable on the PS3. I think standard def is better than no def.

StephanieBBB4406d ago (Edited 4406d ago )

Probably is...

Or it might be a free feature on a free service?


Lifendz4406d ago

I don't get how some people can complain about PSN as if it was just horrible. For a free service you get an awful lot of stuff.

sack_boi4406d ago

I'm still waiting for the Video store in Euro PSN.

darthv724406d ago

Is this for all regions or just in Europe? What is the vidzone anyway?

whoelse4406d ago

Vidzone according to the UK PS site will be downloadable from the PS Store.

I don't know why they can't do it like Life with PlayStation, Home r the Photo Gallery where an icon just appears from nowhere.

chaosatom4406d ago

What do u say the chances of the vidzone coming to Us are?

velaxun4406d ago

So another feature the canucks aren't going to get? lol it's not so bad if the yanks don't get it either though ;)

ThanatosDMC4406d ago

I hope they update Adobe Player too... i cant watch One Piece on that website i usually go to.

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Bodyboarder_VGamer4406d ago

Another freaking update! I mean, this is good but with my 1mb connection I take like half hour to download... =(

kalioon4406d ago

a whole half hour? dear dare sony improve the ps3 and waste a whole half hour of your precious time!!

WildArmed4406d ago

just leave it to update when u goto bed..
u do sleep now do u?

Mindboggle4406d ago

No im sorry i have to agree with this guy...It took me at least an hour to download the 2.73 update...It was quite frustrating...But then again it wasnt really a problem.

4406d ago
Mindboggle4406d ago

I will admit there is something wrong with my connection...Its only 2mb...

BrunoM4406d ago

now there really is somehing wrong with ur internets i mean damn last update toke me about 4-6 mins to dl .. the infamous demo over 1gig was 14 mins.

LinuxGuru4406d ago

There is nothing wrong with any of your connections, some of yours are slower or faster than others.

ThanatosDMC4406d ago

I'm using AT&T and i have slow connection most of the time. But my girl uses Time Warner and it goes blazing fast!

The problem though with her service is her NAT type. She cant play GTA4 with me. I bought her three routers and set them up in different ways... but no luck.

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Pennywise4406d ago

If this update does not include VOICE CHAT, I will be one pissed off PS3 owner. Their little party text BS didnt solve the issue that if I want to talk to a friend, I have to hit PS button, go to XMB, go to the chat, type what I want to say and then wait for a reply. It takes away from my gaming and is a total turn off to talk to people on the PSN when I am gaming.

Sony knows what we want. They keep working on other cool features, but voice chat is a CORE feature that gamers need. I am ranting on about this, but Sony might surprise me.

WildArmed4406d ago

Don't bring yourself up to a disappointment IT. (lol)
Sony knows but it may not be possible for them yet or they are saving it 4 a later date (OMG! delays)

Either way, lets just wait 4 E3.

Sony might surprise us with no firmare update >_> since they already did one 4 the text-chat.. soo they are off the hook 4 6 months till the next firmare update? lol

Pennywise4406d ago

I want to beat the crap out of the guy that okay'd resources to making text chat and not voice chat.

WildArmed4406d ago

glorified version of text messaging .

how long would that have taken? >_>
2 hours?

himdeel4406d ago (Edited 4406d ago )

...and agree. First I do agree that the text chat can be a bit cumbersome and it does take away from playing games. At least for me it does. Text chat for me is a bit of a waste of resources and it's not big enough of a difference from the regular chat to warrant as much use for me. So it is kind of bogus.

However I have to disagree about voice chat. Not about needing it but about needing it announced during E3. I'm personally too engrossed in my games to even carry on decent conversation with anyone. I don't need it. Now this is not to say that I don't wish they'd add it eventually but if I really want to chat with someone I just bop over and ask them to voice chat with me.

StephanieBBB4406d ago (Edited 4406d ago )

That makes two of us.

I don't care what you people say, having a text chat while doing something else is not only tireing but also worthless.

The only thing we've been asking for is voice chat. No video chat, no photo album, no ass-wiping feature after we've been to the toilet and didn't have time to finish up before the next round of KZ2, and definetly no music video store.

SONY give your people what they want!

krauley4406d ago

penny how much do you pay a month for psn? yeah i thought as much, stop your whinning!

Pennywise4406d ago (Edited 4406d ago )

You guys all know I love the PS3, so I am not bashing... But Himdeel - I dare you to get demon souls and play with a friend online and try to talk about things you need to do in game. Try to set up meeting up with your friend for some coop or getting info on how to get certain things done.... All while you are playing a game that does not PAUSE.

come on - Its overdue and it is the very last feature that Sony hasnt added. Im not saying I want to be a teenage girl and chat away while I play, but for certain things it would make gaming with friends a hell of a lot easier.

Krauley - Please dont even go there about PSN payments. Lets talk about how much money I sink into Sony's pockets for the games they release. Lets talk about my $700 bill walking out of the store with my PS3, HDMI, extra controller, and ONE game.... I want voice chat. I never complain about Sony or the PS3... its made great strides... but give us voice chat already. You just show how much of a loyalist child you are when it comes down to it. At least I am man enough to talk about features that can improve and this is the only one I want.

Its so dumb that anyone would disagree with anything I have said here. Its all good - I am used to it.

LeShin4406d ago

Firstly, every single game which focuses or implements a co-op game mode should have voice chat as standard to help you communicate with your friend. Every other game, I really don't care as it's exactly the same as when I get mobile phone calls when I'm in a middle of an intense game (Like on Tuesday when a certain someone kept bugging me while I was taking on a Big Daddy in Bioshock) because 9 out of 10 times, you WILL be ignored! Except that instead of putting my phone on silent and putting it face down, I'm gonna have to probably ignore an annoying alert onscreen telling me someone wants to have a natter lol So I see no real advantage, to me at least, of cross game chat across the board.

Bathyj4406d ago

They should just give us Skype and be done with it.

ThanatosDMC4406d ago

I agree with Pennywise... of course he'd be pissed off. He's so damn addicted to Demon's Soul after all... HAHAHAH! But that's why i stopped holding off on importing and waiting for the NA verison.

It's coming in hopefully next week. I paid $28 for shipping for two copies for the same address... the had better make it an express shipping but i never got an e-mail back. I paid $140+ total. Oh well, y'all said it was worth it.

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Panipal20054406d ago

I apologize to Sev for trolling him on N4G so much.

Sev4406d ago

Thanks Panipal,

We are cool now ;)

PotNoodle4406d ago

Nope, vidzone won't be included in an update - it is an application that you download from the playstation store:

"All you have to do is download the VidZone music video application from PlayStation Store, free of charge, and access the service via the icon that appears under [Music] on the PS3 Home Menu (XMB). That’s all you have to do to get free, unlimited access to thousands of music videos, with many more coming in regular updates."