OXM UK: Late To The Party

OXM UK's Ryan King writes: "I've just started playing Gears of War 2. Yeah, I know, welcome to 2008. I picked it up second-hand over the weekend and finally got stuck into it after hearing everyone else bang on about it.

And it's good. It's fun. It's enjoyable. It's also weird, knowing I'm playing through levels and set pieces that were talking points when it was released last year. It feels like I'm late to the party and picking through the mess left behind by the people who had already been and gone.

"Hey, I remember when Gillen mentioned that bit!" I thought during the worm level. "Oh wow, horde mode is pretty fun!" I thought when I finally dragged my noob arse to Wave 10. "Oh, that's why everyone moans about grenade planting," I sulked after being blown up by a frag stuck in the wall yet again..."

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