Playing with Controversy: The Case of Super Columbine Massacre

From the article:

"(A) Portion of the SCMRPG trailer was shown to begin the discussion. In it, video of the game is shown over audio tracks showcasing the mainstream media's reaction to the game. The choice quote, from unknown source: "I see no way that you could, in any way, create the mindset that this was anything other than a really bad attempt to make money." The game was created by aspiring filmmaker Danny LeDonne using RPG Maker and was released his website for users to download free of charge.

Pearce providing the purveying theme for the session: "Why is it that you can make a film by Columbine but not a game?"

Bogost said that film is more understood by older generations and therefore there is a greater feeling of sophistication. "What we're hearing is that you shouldn't [make a game like SCMRPG]," he said."

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Torch4278d ago (Edited 4278d ago )

on television (G4?) a few months ago, particularly in response to the immense negative media backlash the game has received.

He was insisting that his intention wasn't to encourage or validate the the killers' actions, but instead to actually demonstrate why what they did was wrong. He added that this would be made apparent to anyone who actually played the game.

I personally haven't played it (not my kind of thing, to be honest), but the creator did come across as a fairly level-headed guy.

Syko4278d ago

And in no way does it glorify what happened or make it a fun experience. It is well put together for using RPG Maker and is actually difficult to play towards the end. It's a shame when people pile on to something, when 97% of them have never seen,played or heard the thing they are trying to burn at the stake. Hell, this could be where video games are heading 10 years from now, with real life events made into video games.