God Of War III Street Release Date: January 13, 2010?

Ben Dutka for writes: Thanks to an inside tip, it seems the God of War III release date may be earlier than expected...might this mega-huge title launch in January?

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caliblue153430d ago

I'm sticking with March 2010..

Pennywise3430d ago

I dont believe this for a second. Why would they release this 15 days after the most profitable holiday.

March or before Xmas makes the most sense.

Saren Arterius3430d ago

I hope this game goes against Mass Effect 2 so it gets slaughtered.

3430d ago
Nineball21123430d ago

@ Saren Arterius

Why would you want Mass Effect 2 to get slaughtered? There's room for all games.

locos853430d ago

Who would release a game in January. That's the month we all beat the games we got for Christmas.

Sony Rep3430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

Wait. Did you just come into a PS3 article and troll? Clever you...

God of War is a guaranteed AAA title that'll sell an easy 3mil copies. Mass Effect is a b-movie with mediocre gameplay sprinkled on it. Uncharted and Little Big Planet are bigger games than Mass Effect!

Uncharted- 2.34mil

Little Big Planet- 2.21mil

God of War 1-3.26mil

Mass Effect- 2.04mil

torontoml3430d ago

Ya you wouldn't want to release a game just a matter of days after everyone spent all their money on Xmas. March 2010 is a much better date.

TheBand1t3430d ago

Lol, God of War III would rip Mass Effect 2 in half for health orbs.

Saren Arterius3430d ago


TheBand1t3430d ago, we're kids because you are bringing up an entirely unrelated game in an attempt to troll?

Go back to bed, Junior. No supper for you tonight.

Sarcasm3430d ago

If I had to choose GoWIII or Mass Effect 2. I'd go with GoWIII.

I like my frame rates polished and stable.

OoOOOh take that!


Kurylo3d3430d ago

@ devilsoultaker1

It could be likely, i mean sony did release heavenly sword a day or 2 apart from halo3. Wasnt the smartest descision...

Ace Killa 083430d ago

im going to remind you when god of war comes out its suppose to sell 3 million titles

can you plz give a time frame since i dont want any BS saying that marketing was bad for this game or any lame killzone 2 excuse

RememberThe3573430d ago

Because that right there would make your whole comment invalid.

God of War 3 is going to sell over 3 million copies(lifetime), and please quote me on that.

jetlian3430d ago

uncharted is a pack in game which prior to was only at 1.4 million.
gow 2 sold 2.46 which is down from gow 1 which you clearly left out. chains of olympus is 1.73 which is down from gow 2.

LBP IS the only one truly beating Mass effect and ME wasn't even released in japan till last week.

Megatron083430d ago

Sony Rep uncharted was sold as a packed in game so like 2 million copies of it were given away. God of war 1-2 was sold on a system with 120 million install base. That leave lbp barely out selling it and mass effect was released early in the 360 when it still had a small user base and it was release in the shadow of halo 3.

LBP was sony big holiday game and it only sold 2.21
Halo 3 was MS big holiday for the time frame the Mass Effect was release and it sold 9.66 million

As for god of war 3 I agree with caliblue15 march of 2010

DarK-SilV3430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

MGS3 sold 4 million on PS2 with install base of over 100 million ,but MGS4 sold 4.5 in 6 month(now maybe 5 million) on Ps3 with install base of 17 million at the time of release, so what is your point,
What matter the most is the fan of the series not the install base, even thought the install base matter ,it work both way

slave2Dcontroller3430d ago

I think March as well but man if it released on January 13th that would awsome bc thats just 1 day before my Birthday XD

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OGharryjoysticks3430d ago

I heard a rumor it releases the day before Christmas

deadreckoning6663430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

Okay, even if God of War 3 comes out 2morrow morning, would it really matter?? MW2 is gunna be the best-selling, most popular game of the year regardless. I honestly wouldn't mind if it came out next summer. I'll be too busy playing Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2. Personally I thk neither side should talk trash. 360 fanboys can't talk trash because PS3 has more AAA exclusives and PS3 fanboys can't talk trash because as many AAA exclusives as we have, none of them are gunna sell more than Halo 3 or Gears 2 FACT.

AND NO, I'm not a troll. Just PS3 owner who isn't afraid of pointing out the strengths AND weaknesses of my preferred coNSOLE.

RememberThe3573430d ago

Every game coming out this year could kiss my ass if God of War 3 released tomorrow.

silvacrest3430d ago

its like you assume EVERYONE wants, no, loves shooters and only shooters and every other game might as well be cancel'd

well guess what? i wont be getting MW2, i will get uncharted 2 because of the gameplay/story and GOW 3 because gameplay/story

not all of us are 12 year olds who live for the headshot

Persistantthug3430d ago

Mind you, I'm only 5 months in to my fairly new PS3, but I haven't gotten my hands dirty into COD yet.

While I agree that GOD OF WAR 3 will probably do about 3-4 millionish numbers, and most PS3 games will not outdo Gears or Halo, there's 1 game that might that you didn't reference......

GRAND TURISMO 5 very well could, and trends say it will.

Just food for thought.

rockleex3430d ago

PS3 fanboys CAN talk trash! Not that we should, but we could. Why?

Because Halo or Gears still haven't outsold ANY Gran Turismo!!

Gran Turismo 3 sold 14.9 million copies.
Halo 3 sold 8 million copies, beating Halo 2.
Gears sold what, 5-6 million?

EVERY Gran Turismo game so far has sold more than 10 million copies each. Tell me what other exclusive console franchise can compete with that?

Of course, you can only think of Wii Fit, Wii Play, etc.

So once again, what's the point of bringing up sales when you're only gonna get Gran Turismo shoved down your face with supplements of Wii Fit, Wii Play, etc?

And since we're talking about sales, why don't I mention that PS3 has been selling at a faster rate WHILE at a higher price than the 360?

Here's a link comparing the consoles from launch.

Again, bringing up sales is bad if you're trying to prove the PS3 is in a bad situation.

jetlian3428d ago

a lot but GT3 was a pack-in game. as a whole it does sell very well

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Sarcasm3430d ago

Yah know, it's not like that's a RULE. They could come out with the game whenever they see fit.

Personally, I don't care just as long as they take all the time they need to polish it until we're all blind just by looking at it.

Nineball21123430d ago

Yeah, it doesn't matter to me when it comes out. Day 1 purchase for me...

Of course, I would like it sooner rather than later. :D

gamesblow3430d ago

Not it's not... We've seen it. We've played it and it's in need of some work. Lucky if it's out by March 2010. I'm saying Summer, maybe even fall. They might announce March 2010 at E-3, but it'll slip the date... Just like Heavy Rain did and will do again. That's another train wreck in the making, by the way.

Pennywise3430d ago

You know, if I was Sony or ANY game maker, I wouldnt allow people to view my games that have been known to be a total jerk about it when relaying info to the fans.

You played an early alpha(maybe) build and you have determined that GOW3 will slip until fall 2010? Get over yourself!! When you are capable of making a game to your obviously high standards then you can stand on your soapbox and yell to the masses how Santa Monica Studios have train wrecks in the making.

Before you even go on about how you never said GOW was a train wreck, you should go back and read your comment. You spoke of GOW3 and then Heavy Rain - stating HR was ANOTHER train wreck in the making. For a journalist(and I am using that term very liberally, siligon) you should have a little more sense about wording. I don’t mind you popping out of the hole that the gamers on N4G drove you into over 6 months ago to tell us some info about what you know... but when that info includes your always cynical opinion of things to come... you can keep it to yourself.

Sony Rep3430d ago

btw. I'm still looking for that forest level in Killzone 2. Can you help me, Silo...err... Gamezblow?

Pennywise3430d ago

I think he meant resistance 2. lol.

I would love to see this guy reply. He never does.

faisdotal3430d ago

LOL You're so right. There is no forest level. Lies GAMESBLOW LIES.

El_Colombiano3430d ago

gamesblow is just a little kid looking for attention guys. Nothing to see here.

cmrbe3430d ago

Forest on Helgan???. Who would believe that?.

Also GamesBlow you said Kojima new game has nothing to do with MGS. You were wrong there as well.

themyk3430d ago

wow. Gamesblow just got jacked up.
Keep trying gamesblow, you'll get that whole trolling thing eventualy.

solidjun53430d ago gamesblow, the number 1 gaming insider, regarding Kojima's new game. I think he said it had nothing to do with MGS but yet, the internet has been exploding with news of this "OLD MAN" in the uh...Metal Gear Solid Universe. Care to comment homie?

Unbiased13430d ago

GOW3 train wreck? Hrain train wreck? WTF? Every single site that had hands on preview was impressed by Heavy Rain, some even putting it on their "Most looking forward to E3 game".
I don't get Gamesblow, sometimes he is on side of Sony, sometimes he trashes anything Sony releated...odd.
I remember when he said that Infamous was going to flop...

gamesblow3430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

Let's be clear...

1 - I am not Silogon and have nothing to do with him or his site.

2 - I am not a developer. I am an employee of SCE.

3 - I know full well what Kojima's next 2 games are. I can't speak of the names or what they entail for obvious reasons. My site is set to launch and I'm not stupid enough to jeopardize that. Again, though... I stand by the fact it isn't "MGS" related. And it's not. Go back and check my post. "MGS" related. Catch the claus.

4 - I have seen GOW3 in action and played it for myself. Make your claims of Alpha all you want. I am an internal Sony employee and my take is -- > GOWIII needs some work and won't make an early 2010 release. I'm sorry.

5 - I have not personally seen Heavy Rain, but an associate here has and she said "Thumbs Down" ... She said it's a train wreck at this stage. I believe her.

6 - Killzone 2 most defiantly does has a forest area, as I had outlined early on and it will be making an E-3 debut. Oh, you mean it wasn't included in the game? Gotcha.

7 - Never said Infamous was going to flop... You must be talking about one of the many Gamesblow clones out there. Do I find Infamous to be a rewarding experience? Meh... it needs work. It's not Sucker Punches best offering. Bad by no means.

8 -- My information has always been dead on. From back then to right now and beyond. Deal with it. Learn to live with the truth. Not everything is roses.

dachiefsman3430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

For all the bashing you do, you must either hate your job or hate sony.

TOO PAWNED3430d ago

I loved Indigo Prophecy so i know i will love Heavy Rain. Is HR for everyone? Sure not, but i like what i see and it is my most anticipated game from Sony.
I guess it comes down to what you like....

Persistantthug3430d ago

I'm interested to see how this all pans out.

pwnsause3430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

I want to beleive that you are credible, but you state these so called facts in a way that piss us off. how can we believe you? at least show us a pic of some game thats supposed to be unveiled at E3.

Edit: everyone here talking on this page, be sure to save this page and the other pages where gamesblow talks since he leaks stuff like this. in fact lets make a list of things that hes stating will appear at E3:

-Capcom's surprise will be Final Fight

-Sony Will Unveil "project S"(Aka Silhouette)At E3, not to mention he stated that 3 other never before seen games will be unveiled at E3

-Kojima Will Unveil 2 games, these games are not related to MGS in anyway(aka its Metal Gear Related, but probably not going to be named MGS, but Metal Gear XXXXXXX, or that the games will take place somewhere not in the MGS universe.) which is most likely PS3 exclusive

-GG will unveil a new map that suppose to be a forest KZ2 at E3.

-GOWIII and Heavy Rain will be pushed back to 2010, most likely fall 2010.

Guys keep adding to the notorious facts that gamesblow stated, we are going to find out soon enough whether hes the real deal or not.

so far he was right on TWO things which he stated last year which was that Tekken 6 was going multi-platform and that MOTORSTORM 2 was going to be unveiled and that its release date was fall 2008, but thats not enough to know weather or not hes a credible source, since it was expected.

Obama3430d ago

Just to be clear u said Kojima's next game is a ps3 exclusive that has ninjas. I really hope what you said is true.

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Socomer 19793430d ago

This guy is a joke. He said he played it and its a train wreck along with heavy rain. I can predict the next few articles from him now.
Oh well, its all fun and games but people like gamesblow suck.

Pennywise3430d ago

Not just a developer, a top notch developer who can criticize all games in alpha build.