ModWatch Interviews... Korsakovia: Art, Horror and Academia

GamesAreEvil's Daniel Mitchell interviews veteran mod developer Dan Pinchbeck (of thechineseroom), as they discuss his experiences and views on the constantly surprising world of modification development.

Dan Pinchbeck: "My biggest worry was that it wouldn't be scary, and play-testers have said it's not just scary, but in places really quite horrible. So I'm pleased with that. And the warehouse with the big rotating tower of levitating debris. It's just a really, really great and completely weird scenario."

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killyourfm4059d ago

Wow, really comprehensive interview Daniel...nice to see something with substance out there on the gaming intertubes.

roblef4059d ago

finally! some great substantive reporting on games. way to go, GrE!

roblef4059d ago

I love the phrase, "quite horrible"

supercharger51504059d ago

Sweet, there needs to be more interviews!

wondroushippo4059d ago

Fascinating interview. I always hate reading about PC mods though, as they convince me just a little bit more that I need to give up my console ways and become a PC gamer.