Eurogamer: Psychological Warfare in MGS4 and Konami insistent PS3 only

Metal Gear Solid 4 will feature psychological effects and battles, according to creator Hideo Kojima, who was waxing lyrical at last weekend's GO3 Entertainment Expo in Australia.

Kojima: "To make it very simple, in the past Metal Gears, Snake was going into enemy environments--so everyone apart from Snake was an enemy," Gamespot reported that Kojima said. "This time it's a warzone, so you have country A or country B, so Snake could interfere with either of the countries. It does not necessarily mean that everyone is an enemy to Snake. This creates a new tension in playing this new hide and seek."

Earlier this year Kojima revealed he had a "strong interest" in working on Xbox 360 and particularly PC. However, Konami remained insistent this morning to Eurogamer that MGS 4 was a PS3 title, though a release date and any other specifics were still to be confirmed.

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Marty83704275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

PS3 Has Blu-ray drive, X360 has a last gen DVD9 drive.

D R Fz4275d ago

where did you find that image? Even though i don't belive it would require that many discs if more than 1 at all but then again, i'll wait until the final version is released and we get see how big it really is. But still, funny stuff.

TheExecutive4275d ago

Well Konami is planning to use around 30gb of disc space.... so yeah it would be more than the old dvd-9

kmis874275d ago

I still think a 360 release is possible (almost certainly not day and date) because the MGS games are so linear. Plus, if much of that data is video or audio from cutscenes that only need to be accessed once, then it could suit the game well for a multidisc release (a la MGS 1). I would just say that don't rule out the possibility if the money is there for Konami to make.

BIadestarX4275d ago

Honesly this game and Final Fantasy are the only 2 games that keep telling my brain that I need a PS3. I would like this game to stay a PS3 exclusive for that reason. I wouldn't buy a PS3 for HOME. I'm a gamer not a fanboy. Also, we all know what Metal Gear is all about and we love it. but don't understimate this "Kojima revealed he had a "strong interest" in working on Xbox 360 and particularly PC" you never know when a new IP comes out that change the way we see consoles (Gears, Mass Effect). You don't know what you don't know.

techie4275d ago

we do know what we don't know. A new IP is inevitable. Good times!

techie4275d ago

this story is not duplicate...eurogamer had a wee chat with it's exclsuive to eurogamer.

Anerythristic264275d ago

When this game is announced multiplatform , the internet will explode. I really feel Metal Gears as a title is one of.. if not the single most overated titles on any console.

If you step back and look at it from outside the box it's at best a mediocre game. The storylines are absurd , the writing even worse , it has never translated well into english at least. The gameplay is this games only saving grace and even that was just...OK.

I remember playing the first one and I was hiding under a desk , being hunted and for some reason the game felt that was a good time for a 12 minute conversation with some lady , UGH , I think Solid Snake asked her out on a date , ridiculous ! I didn't play the second one , the third one Snake Eater , I still own. I bought it for like 12.99 , popped it into the old PS2 played it for a little bit, more conversations , never finished it.

The games that sold me a PS3 are the new IP's the White Knight and Uncharteds , MGS and FF can go the way of the dinosaur for all I care.

techie4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

come on. He's brought the best out of consoles. You're going to see some incredible stuff in this game.

MGS was crap on xbox (downgrade) and hardly sold any copies.

r10004275d ago

I really feel Metal Gears as a title is one of.. if not the single most overated titles on any console.

No I can think of another.... it's first person shooter... and you know there about 30 to 40 fps out there right now...and this one doesn't really do anything different then just having a different story, different guns, different characters....

That game would be HALO...

Maldread4275d ago

You really should play MGS3 all the way through, i know there`s a bit to much conversation at the beginning, but trust me when i say this is one of the best PS2 games out there. It isn`t without reason it has gotten the reviews it has.

WTF4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

I dont know what the problem is with the disk space, back when FF 7,8,9 were from 3 to 4 cd nobody complaint about the disc, now its seems that nobody can stand up and change the cd.Do you know how many people would give to walk; and you cant get up of your couch,bed etc,and change the game, please its a shame.

sajj3164275d ago

back in the day when it was the PSOne and only the PSOne, you had no choice. The N64 was the competition. Nowadays, its all about the format. Not a factor now but I can imagine future dev making decisions based on size contraints.

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