"Time to reinvent Sonic" says Sega boss

Speaking about the recently unveiled Nintendo-Sega collaboration, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, Jeffery said that we won't see another Sonic title on a next-gen platform for quite a while.

"We are actually undergoing a fairly considerable refresh of Sonic as an intellectual property, as a character," he told Newsweek.

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Razzy4272d ago

its time to retire Sonic?

LSDARBY4272d ago

too true, let it go imo. The good old days of sonic are gone.

techie4272d ago

He should play side-scrolling...aka LBP. 3d but side-scrolling. All this 3d behind the character camera just doesn't work for Sonic.

GamerMan4272d ago

The good ole sonic days was side scrolling with a 2d forward motion when in the special stage to get all the rings... I don't see why they can't do the side scrolling again with more challenges and better graphics... I like a good side scrolling game and think that is when sonic was at it's best... Every 3D version of sonic didn't work that well to me and either had frame issue or pure control issue.

Sonic isn't Mario... Sonic is supposed to be a fast paced game and that's how I always looked at the series when I play it on my genesis and game gear.

ItsDubC4272d ago

The element of speed that made Sonic popular in the first place doesn't blend well with complete 3D movement. If I have to worry about not falling off the side of a bridge while I'm zooming across it, I'm not gonna wanna go fast. Secret Rings seems to be a step in the right direction. Keeping Sonic on rails'll allow the games to stay fast-paced.

sajj3164272d ago

the element of speed was captured quite well in the original Sonic Adventure back on the Dreamcast (RIP). It wasn't perfect but I thought it did a good job. The last few Sonics have been about pushing the graphics without emphasing true Sonic gameplay. I think Secret Rings is a good start but speed as always been Sonic's identity.

kewlkat0074272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

The thing is besides the frame rate issues, it is hard to control the lil bastard at full speeds in a 3D world. I don't know why developers are afraid of making a 2D next gen game. Viewtful Joe, was a good example, that 2-D gaming can still be fun and challenging. where is the next 2-D Casttlevania:Symphony of the night sequal...

Then again this is SEGA, they are a great Gaming company, so who knows..

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The story is too old to be commented.