The missing link between PC and Console: The Amstrad Mega PC

Gamer Limit writes: "Between the mid 80s and early 90s, Amstrad were one of the largest manufacturers of IBM PCs on the market, especially in Europe and Australia. Considered a premium brand at the time, Amstrad lead the way in innovate products that suited specific elements of the market. Near the end of their golden years, Amstrad struggled to compete with their now growing number of competitors. Cheaper, faster, smaller and well, cheaper, Amstrad needed to push themselves out of the ordinary develop something extraordinary, especially for its time.

A product that appealed to both aspects of the PC market, and also revolutionary enough to save their market share. This product was the Amstrad Mega PC."

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Fullish4402d ago

Damn that's awesome, very collectable.

stevedawonder4402d ago

I want one for my slowly growing collection. Ebay, here I come!

chrisjc4402d ago

Actually that's not a bad idea, at all.

Fullish4402d ago

except you'll be paying a bucket load for something with really no advantage to owning.

Cloud-14094402d ago

I bet they'll cost a fortune though

Ziriux4402d ago

Yea, always something missing between the two.

JQ4402d ago

As a rule, I don't purchase things with "Mega" in the title unless followed by "Man".

Dimly4402d ago

My god why would anyone ever need this?

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