How The PS3 is Really Doing

A video has arised that claims to debunk alot of the fud and negative media that has plaqued the PS3 since its Nov. 2006 release.

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Marty83704272d ago

Let the 'Flame Wars' commence. lol

Monchichi0254272d ago

This video is PS3 Fanboyism at it's highest level!!!! LOL He takes every little bit of Positive Sony info and tries to spin it like it's the truth. Sorta like, SONY DOES!!!! LOL

Please don't try to spin this as the truth because we all know it's a BS.

Fastest selling ever?!? Yeah, but funny how forgets to mention the following months after all the fanboys picked one up. That is where Sony is Failing BIGTIME as casual gamers everywhere are switching allegiance due to price.

daomay4272d ago

This video has the best ending.

Funny as hell

Bigmac5734272d ago

He makes alot of good points, but this will add nothing but fuel to the already raging fires of the console wars.

omansteveo4272d ago

OMG are you serious why is the movie statistic in there that has nothing to do with either systems success..please stop posting it

Torch4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

Someone out there has got lotsa, lotsa, free time.

I've got to agree with Nix on this one: as as "Loco-Roco-cutsie" as the music sounds, the slideshow is quite subjective and holds no or little merit as news or fact.

(Now time for me to run as far from this thread as possible, to avoid getting injured or killed by the inevitable shrapnel and ricochets.)