PS3 Titles Dominate Euro Charts

GI.Biz reports:

"The launch of the PlayStation 3 has seen Sony's first-party software invade the charts across Europe, with Resistance: Fall of Man taking the top position in Italy and Spain.

Although official chart positions are not yet available in Germany, Media Control GfK International has revealed that the three best-selling PS3 titles in the country are Resistance: Fall of Man, MotorStorm and F1 Championship Edition."

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nix4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )


0.85m Japan
1.35m Americas
0.87m Others

3.07m TOTAL PS3 SALES!!!

as for the game sales.. everyone had guessed that europe was going to lap up F1. q:

Bathyj4274d ago

Good news for Sony and finally a bit of recognition for these great games that seem to have been over looked, at least a little in the States. Let me just say I am loving Resistance. I'm finding it a much better game than Gears of War, and I dont say that to start a flame war or rile any of you'se up. I'm only saying it to point out how underrated this game has been, having tolive unfairly in Gears shadow. There are so many things this game does alot better, but I wont list them. If you dont believe me you'll just have to play it for yourself to find out. Awesome, frantic stuff. And its nice to have a shotty with a bit of range.

Antan4274d ago

F1 is fantastic, especially online!!

Xi4274d ago

3 countries is hardly domination.

techie4274d ago

Uk as well. I suppose they couldnt be bothered to list them all.

Toolman4274d ago

The PS3 has top 3 here in Norway also.
The xbox used almost one year to get an Exclusive xbox 360 game topseller here.

lilwingman4274d ago

If Sony wouldn't have dominated the chart after launch than they would have failed. This was expected by everyone. The PS3 is steadily selling worldwide, like we all knew it would.

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