10 GBA series that make the DS's GBA slot worthwhile

From Gamertell's article:

"Those of us with an original DS or DS lite have probably been focusing solely on DS games lately. It's understandable. It seems like there's are at least five new, great games released for the DS each month.

But the GBA slot deserves some appreciation as well. After all, the Game Boy Advance also had a fantastic run with many memorable titles released. It doesn't seem right to leave the slot empty all the time.

So to honor the GBA, and perhaps make the DSi owners a bit envious, Gamertell is looking back at some game series with multiple Game Boy Advance entries that are a perfect fit for on the go play, and maybe even give DS games a run for their money."

Some of the franchises mentioned include Pokemon, Golden Sun, Zelda and Advance Wars.

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MajesticBeast4405d ago (Edited 4405d ago )

We need some golden sun for the ds or wii if they make golden sun for the wii i will buy a wii.

-x.Red.x-4405d ago

golden sun on nintendo's e3

i'll run off to best buy and get me a wii or dsi
or both O.o

Redempteur4405d ago (Edited 4405d ago )

it's sad that over the chronology they only spoke off in the first two games , either nintendo nor camelot found some ideas to put a sequel in the works ... there is so much to tell , like how did the synergy became banned ? or what happenned after the ending of the lost AGE ? ( alex ??? )

Give me my sequel already ...

menoyou4405d ago

Not news, marked as spam.

Panthers4405d ago

lol These 10 lists are always on this site. Why fight it?

menoyou4405d ago

because its just getting ridiculous already. this site barely has any news just a bunch of blog and opinion spam

SpoonyRedMage4405d ago

These should be the launch titles for the Virtual Handheld. Wasn't Castlevania Circle of the Moon also on the GBA?

I also loved Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

QQcrybaby4405d ago

Still play Circle of the Moon, Harmony of Dissonance and Aria of Sorrow on my DS to this day. GBA Castlevania games are fantastic.

darthv724405d ago

there are plenty of gba games I still enjoy. I have the new dsi but nobody said you couldnt keep a gba/sp around if you got a dsi.

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