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Caxtus7504275d ago

*reaches for a Kleenex (for men) tissue*


nix4275d ago

the news was good while it lasted though!

techie4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

Hey ho. The whole web picked up on it. That's the second time they've done that. Why oh why would they. I did say keep posted to see whether they take it down. Expect Lair out in late May anyway. And HS out in around August.

Looks like a got punished for it :( taken mon bubbles. Hey ho.

Lair Liar

candystop4275d ago

I would think these two heavy hitters will release around the holidays!

power0919994275d ago

You know usually I would agree with you. Heavy hitters usually come out around the Nov-Dec area.

However I think in Sony's case, they HAVE to release a major title before fall.

LSDARBY4275d ago

The longer they are in development the better they can be imo, i want tem to spend as long as they need on them (as lon as they come out this year lol)

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The story is too old to be commented.