X360 Elite lacks PCM audio.

Whilst fanboys have been drooling over the extra bits and bobs attached to the Vole's latest console release, the Xbox 360 Elite, those in the know have been dissecting its capabilities - and it's not all good news.

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Andronix4274d ago

I dont get it.
MS are releasing an updated 360 with hdmi-great. Perfect for HDTV isnt it?
Well, what isnt great is that the technology is cutting corners before its released. It is using hdmi 1.2 which means it cant handle TrueHD Dolby. Why?

Ps3Fanboy7774273d ago

I like to call this Windows 98 :) Enjoy it you all deserve it!

artman4273d ago

360 using DVD, so it won't fit in for uncompress PCM, for sure...
that's why 360 will be still 360~ it can't be elite hell

and they already guarantee that the game will be using dvd for sure, so they won't change mind to use HD-DVD rite? HD-DVD drive add-on just for watching movies, that's so funny... I will buy bluray player to watch movie, why should I use 360? it sound so loud~ disturbing me to enjoy my movie for sure.
oh rite... i buy PS3... that would be fun~

FordGTGuy4274d ago

I use it with my Xbox 360 right now on a 7.1 stereo.

Torch4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

but from what I recall, optical output is more much limited than HDMI, in terms of bandwidth with respect to the volume of information each is able to carry.

Furthermore, HDMI 1.3 is required to run TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio; version 1.2's architecture simply does not support it. I think 1.3 also has much broader video capabilities than its predecessor (up to 48-bit colour depth vs. HDMI 1.2's 24-bit.)

I'm also quite sure that your current 7.1 digital surround setup is actually 5.1 channels, with the two midway channels (the ones to your side) actually being synthesized by your A/V receiver, which does so by computing (averaging?) values from the the front and rear outputs of each respective side.

Keyser4274d ago

except about the receiver part but I won't get into details. High end receivers can do better than 5.1 and averaging values.

You're right though, 1.3 is more then just about sound quality, the visual quality is the 2nd half of the equation. HDMI supports 30 bit, 36-bit, and 48 bit RGB or YCBCR color depths. From millions of colors to billions of colors. Enough of me talking, reat it hear.

Deep Color™: HDMI 1.3 supports 30-bit, 36-bit and 48-bit (RGB or YCbCr) color depths, up from the 24-bit depths in previous versions of the HDMI specification.

-Lets HDTVs and other displays go from million of colors to billions of colors.
-Eliminates on-screen color banding, for smooth tonal transitions and subtle gradations between colors.
-Enables increased contrast ratio
-Can represent many times more shades of gray between black and white
-At 30-bit pixel depth, a four times improvement would be the minimum, and the typical improvement would be eight times or more.

Broader color space: HDMI 1.3 removes all limits on color selection

-Next-generation “xvYCC” color space supports 1.8 times as many colors as existing HDTV signals
-Lets HDTVs display colors more accurately
-Enables displays with natural, vivid colors has this info if you want to validate it.

This is good for gaming, movies, anything visual and audible.

Phlapp4273d ago

Am I right in thinking that LCD screens can only produce 16.7 million colours anyway (8 bit colour per sub pixel) or 256 shades per sub pixel times 3 i.e. 256red x 256green x 256blue = 16.7 million , as opposed to the 3 or 4 billion colours that Plasma screens can produce.
It seems odd MS wouldn't use the latest technology (considering the PS3 does) I appreciate that the difference between 1.2 and 1.3 is big on paper but what do they actually look and sound like in direct comparison? I bet the majority of people couldn't tell the difference until it was pointed out to them.

FordGTGuy4274d ago

But I have yet to have any quality problems using mine.

ASSASSYN 36o4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

Who cares people are going to buy it anyways.

power of Green 4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

No one cares Antan move on man. I thought you were a hardcore Sony fan why are you posting 360 news as if you care?. Spite post if i ever seen one.

Antan4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

Haha!! Im rich and i can buy anything i want, and yes ive already purchased a PS3. Now, seeing as your down to 2 bubbles which you have used, why dont we "chat" on XBL, my tag is AnthonyNPutson................ I don`t see how you think im a hardcore Sony fan? Im a fan of course, same as im a fan of the 360 and PC!

"No one cares Antan move on man" You may not care, but im sure there are people out in the world who do very much care.

Now quit yer whining!!

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