Super Street Fighter 4 Coming Soon?

Back at GDC Mr. Ono Street Fighter 4 Producer said that we can expect more fighters and overall content in the Street Fighter 4 game. Now after all the excitement of getting a chance to play with new characters with this new gameplay engine gamers are feeling a little disappointed of the recent announcement made by Capcom regarding, No DLC for Street fighter 4. Well because there is no DLC doesn't mean you can't play with new fighters but how will that happen? Super Street Fighter 4 is your answer.

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PirateThom3429d ago

Then Super Street Fighter IV Turbo... then this:

Simon_Brezhnev3429d ago

they can kiss my âss about super street fighter 4 turbo. I bet if u dont want to get it. You will be able to get the new characters in the original i bet each character will be 4.99-9.99.

hay3429d ago

Let the milkage begin!

ceedubya93429d ago

I wouldn't be too upset about buying another Street Fighter a year later. By then it won't matter to me much. However, it would be nice to get the game for maybe 40 bucks or something like that if it only has minor upgrades.

More characters, more stages, more ultras, music options. Really, all of this stuff could be offered through a simple download, or a 20 dollar retail disc.