El33tonline Review: UFC 2009: Undisputed (PS3)

El33tonline writes: "Some videogames are difficult to classify and place in a genre pigeonhole, either because of genre-bending or some new gameplay mechanic we haven't yet seen, introducing new genre nomenclature.

"When games are based on a *sport* that is difficult to classify, however, genre classification is all the more tricky, which is definitely the case with UFC 2009: Undisputed. A bit of a mix between traditional boxing, wrestling and arcade fighters, UFC 2009 is based on a brutal real-life sport that comprises mixed martial arts (MMA) techniques and fierce, almost unruly cage brawling between two expert combatants, usually trained in various fighting styles, including boxing, wrestling, judo and Brazilian jujitsu, to name a few.

"And while the real-life UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) has moved on from it's no-holds-barred cage matches to adopt the more 'civilised' general rule-set of other MMA-based tournaments, classifying the UFC 2009: Undisputed *game* as a 'fighter' would probably be the most accurate, even though you'll be doing more than just throwing punches in 'The Octagon,' as you manage your customised fighter's career between fights, while slogging through endless menus and frustratingly long load times..."

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