Game Positive Review: Battlestations: Pacific

The Battlestations series began with Midway in 2007, and is now opening up the seas and skies of WWII even further with Battlestations: Pacific. These games stand out because they provide a unique blend of action and real-time strategy, allowing players to command a massive destroyer one moment and take to the air in a small fighter the next. Pacific does an excellent job of balancing these two major gameplay elements, and this turns an otherwise mediocre title into a varied and interesting battle simulation. Though there is very little that truly stands out in this game, the sum of its parts end up being a worthwhile addition to the series.

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The Meerkat4408d ago

I had battle on Sunday which went from me and my team mates frantically trying to defend our 1 remaining base from Battleships with kamikazes to our eventual victory 3 hours later.

Never have I had such a buzz and sense of accomplishment from playing a video game.