Humor: Schadenfreude And The MMO Conundrum

Lured by the siren song of easy VC money from California, Game Developer magazine humor columnist and developer Karsden Morderhaschen gathers his team to brainstorm a World of Warcraft killer.

Karsden Morderhaschen: "Just a few days ago, I found a strange man talking loudly to himself in our conference room. That he was talking to himself was not the strange part. Our lead programmer, Otto, talks to himself all the time (then again, he also claims to think in reverse Polish notation).

On further investigation, the man in the conference room revealed that he was here to see me. He apologized for "Bluetoothing," saying he "just needed to free up some bandwidth in order to maximize our present synergy."

He then introduced himself as Chad. Just Chad. Was he here to sell us something? Toner cartridges? Vacuum cleaners? Digital rights management software?"

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