App Store Insider: Three College Students Give iPhone App Development A Try writes:

"App Store Insider is back from its short hiatus to bring you a new perspective on all things App Store related. Instead of the usual whining about the App Store being broken, and how developers are constantly given the run around from Apple when things don't go as expected, I have decided to bring you the story of three college students trying to make their presence felt at the App Store.

As the story goes, three normal guys, currently attending Valparaiso University, decided to pull together to try and create a successful application for the iPhone. The idea wasn't to only build and distribute an application, but to allow other people in their same general position to follow along and witness what it takes to accomplish this task from start to finish."

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FuzzyChinchilla4398d ago

neat story! best of luck to the three of them :) i look forward to seeing what they have to offer!!!