Xbox 360 Sees Record Growth in 2009

Microsoft Corp. announced today that sales of Xbox 360 consoles have passed the 30 million mark globally, with its Xbox LIVE community swelling to more than 20 million active members. After the biggest year in its history in 2008, Xbox 360 achieved the highest percentage growth in hardware sales of any console so far in 2009, up 28 percent over the previous year.

Over the course of this console generation, U.S. consumers alone have spent $14.5 billion across all categories on Xbox 360 at retail. This number reflects strong interest in a comprehensive entertainment offering that includes the ability to connect with others socially and to digitally download entertainment, be it games, TV shows or movies. To date, consumers have downloaded nearly 1 billion pieces of gaming and entertainment content from Xbox LIVE Marketplace, including a broad array of premium high- and standard-definition movies and TV shows from top studios and networks around the world.

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II Necroplasm II4402d ago

This is great news!! I bet everyone is happy for the Xbox 360! :)

Kill Crow4402d ago (Edited 4402d ago )

and the 30 million PS3 sales when you need him ...

And in the other thread they said the xbox was at a stand still ... and still it has an 8 million lead over the PS3 .... hahahhahahhaa

iDystopia4402d ago

It was 8 million on January 7th of this year. It more by now ;)

theKiller4402d ago (Edited 4402d ago )

360 is being outsold by PS2 in japan, in europe its only selling in UK and little in some other countries!

360 almost sold the same as xbox in the 3.5 years time interval, yet MS game division is still in the red inc(not that i care), lack of AAA exclusives and even AA exclusives!!!!

hardware reliability could not be worst!!!!

bad exclusives like UI, or too human or last remnant etc!

multiple price cuts for 360 in 2008 was the main reason for this boast in sales even though its not that much!!!

i think the next xbox console will be the last if they r still in the red!!

Arnon4402d ago

Sony has dropped the Playstation 3's price by what?... $200-250? The 360's Elite SKU has been dropped by $80; Pro by $100; and Arcade by $100.

When you look at it. Sony has had to drop their price SO much more than Microsoft. In fact, if they hadn't. I guarantee you the console would not be around right now.

Exclusives? Exclusives don't matter to the populous. They just want games. They could care less about the majority of the niche exclusives aside from a couple. The 360 is cheaper. The 360 provides about 400-500+ MORE games than the PS3. And the 360 is very well unified with it's online community.

I have a PS3. I love it. But you would have to be blind to think that it's doing better than the 360. It sells at a loss. It's first party titles cost a fortune and hardly sell. And Sony is constantly reporting their losses.

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PS360PCROCKS4402d ago

30 Million huh? So they beat the original Xbox, that's good. Guess this means my purchase 3 years ago was a good one.

II Necroplasm II4402d ago (Edited 4402d ago )

Next milestone... 50 million!

"Xbox 360 continues to be the platform of choice for the industry's top games, generating $5.9 billion in sales to date at U.S. retail for third-party publishers, which is more than those of current-generation consoles combined (1). Xbox 360 also leads current-generation consoles in game purchases, with consumers owning an average of 8.3 titles each"

Funny the tables have really turned this gen :)

king dong34402d ago (Edited 4402d ago )

microsoft have done well with it! the 360 and my ps3 go really well together aswell. i've been gaming since the atari vcs2600, and have owned alot of consoles over the years. but for, this gen, has been by far the best for hardware, games, on-line and gaming in general!

this thread is going to turn ugly real quick...multiple disagrees within

the majority of n4g wont like this news!

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Lifendz4402d ago

Just think how much more dominant your numbers would be if your system didn't have the whole RROD fiasco to go through. Again, glad to see MS doing so well. Looks like Sony is going to have to get used to have a competitor in the "next-gen" gaming arena.

Again, while I don't agree with some of MS' business practices, I do appreciate having them around to keep Sony on its toes.

Foxgod4402d ago

o wow, they lost money this quarter, its not like 80 % of all company's have the same thing.
And they just lost money because of the Zune.

And you think 30 M in 3.5 years is bad ?
Why dont you first look at how your precious ps3 is doing before you start talking smack.

4402d ago
Daoshai4402d ago

yeah, fox is correct.

The zune was the major loser in the entertainment division for microsoft, the 360 is making quite a bit of money for them, but I'm sorry that would involve you doing a little research instead of spouting stuff out your ass.

IdleLeeSiuLung4402d ago (Edited 4402d ago )

Yeah, but you failed to forget that the price point of the original Xbox was considerably lower out of the gate and continued so throughout the history.

* November 15, 2001 (Launch) - $299
* May 15, 2002 (E3 2002) - $199
* May 14, 2003 (E3 2003) - $179
* March 29, 2004 - $149
* Late 2005 - $179 with Forza

source: http://hankfiles.pcvsconsol...

The Entertainment lost money due to other reasons than the Xbox and in fact Xbox brought it up, no point in spinning it.

Furthermore, if MS is doing so poorly in Europe and Sony is just keeping up it doesn't exactly speak volumes of either. Even in Japan, PS3 isn't doing so well overall compared to what it should have done with the consumers bias. The only one winning is the Wii, and it isn't good for hardcore gamers. Perhaps PS and Xbox fans should unite against Wii and leave this place nice and clean.

4402d ago
Kushan4402d ago

Walther, did you notice that your logic is very circular?

On the one hand, you're saying that 30million console sales is nothing because many people bought 2 or 3 replacement consoles, but on the other hand you say that fixing broken consoles costs Microsoft a lot of money.

Which is it? Do people buy replacement consoles or does MS fix them? It can't be both.
Really, who buys a new 360 when theirs breaks? It has a 3 year warranty for the RROD/E74, there's no reason to buy a replacement and even if that was the case, how do you explain the huge attach rate of games?

4402d ago
Gamertags4402d ago

It is awesome to see that MS and the 360 are doing so well. Honestly, did anyone see this coming? I know when the original Xbox arrived I seriously doubted MS it would make it this far.

This generation, MS is the one to beat. Just as Redgehammer stated.....

"just because my 360 is awesome, does not mean that other consoles are not awesome as well. I could care less what other people spend their money on."

I have all the system by the way.

u got owned4402d ago

Great for MS and x360 for this achievement. x360 passing the original Xbox in the same time period makes the x360 a success for MS.

Keep it up MS.

4402d ago
GMR_PR4402d ago

Congrats to MS. Great to see them doing well with the Xbox 360.

N4PS3G4402d ago

oh boy ...Walther is about to explode crying and spinning! Watch out!

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Dark Collosis4402d ago

This 30 million is a great thing for MS especially considering the competition it is facing this generation.. The Wii has taken casual gaming to a all new lvl, and who doesn't know the name PLAYSTATION? Considering this MS should definitely be patting themselves on there backs. Playstation 3 is a great machine, but at $399.00 even with BLUERAY its just to expensive in todays economy. MS was smart not to put a high price HDDRIVE in the 360 due to being able to keep the cost of the console down. Sony offers a great machine for $399.00 but for the average consumer atm its just too much $.

kevnb4402d ago

I call that a success.

4402d ago
iDystopia4402d ago (Edited 4402d ago )

lol and he's crying about 50 million!!!

Microsoft said Xbox 360 isn't even halfway through it's lifecycle.

The SKU that sells most in the 300$ SKU still...people aren't dumb...the salemen let them know its basically retarded to buy the 199$ Xbox with no harddrive...people know the Pro is better.

The price on the Elite and Pro are going to be the ones dropping over the next 4-5 years. They are still 300-400$ consoles.

So Xbox 360 sold past 30 million in 3.5 years(and you know its selling faster now.....hence the headline "Xbox 360 Sees Record Growth in 2009")Meaning it will continue to sale it did in 2009 it will sale more than the 30 million in the next 3 years.

Because the Elite and Pro SKU's are dropping in price....arcade might too more!!!

Walther your dreaming if you think Xbox 360 will only be sitting at 50 million at the end of this genration. In another 3 years it will be at 65 million+, and that will only be Xbox 360's 6th year. It could stay out another 3 years. You haven't realized Xbox and Microsoft are forreal yet this generation.

You're naive if you don't think Microsoft see's the 70-80 million mark and even beyond by the time this is done. And any console that sales 60+ million, is successful.

4402d ago
SL1M DADDY4402d ago

I'm glad they are selling, it only makes for great competition and the improvements on both fronts of HD gaming have been wonderful.

On a side note, with 30 million consoles sold world wide, does it seem like perhaps MS should just give up the ghost with Japan considering that after 3.5 years they have just recently hit the 1 million mark sold in Japan?

I mean, 1/30th of their total sales are in Japan... That simply screams drop out of Japan and move that marketing money to other parts of the world.

potenquatro4402d ago

Why are the people agitating and stirring up the sh!t the ones with the most bubbles??? It totally defeats the purpose of the system. But the mods have been trying to do a much better job lately, and alot of people including me apreciate that.

4402d ago
Struz4402d ago

It's nice to see that everyone in the console market are serious competitors. That just ends up benefiting the consumer.

Hoping to see strong sales for all 3 consoles well into the future. Especially through this "economic downturn".

Death4402d ago

I honestly don't know where to begin. The Xbox does post a profit. The Xbox division has been profitable for a couple years now. Awhile ago they were rolled into the Entertainment and Devices Division which also includes the Zune. I'm impressed that you think so highly of the Zune, but contrary to what you seem to believe, the Zune is losing money not the 360.

As for showing little growth, 20% isn't so little. When you couple that with the small fact that the 360 production costs are scaled to decrease while profits increase unlike the original Xbox you can see where they have made some very good ground.

I can only assume you were comparing it to the Wii which has had tremendous growth in market share over it's predecessor. I think we can all admit Nintendo has done a great job with the Wii.

I know you aren't comparing the Xbox brand to the Playstation brand which has lost a great deal of market share and hasn't posted a profit in over 3 years. Sony's records are going the wrong way while the competition is growing.


SL1M DADDY4402d ago

I'm not stirring up crap here. I'm asking a legit question as to what MS would gain if they dropped Japan all together and spent the millions of dollars in marketing elsewhere. It only makes sense since 1/30th of their world wide sales are in Japan and that sir, is abysmal. It's not the 360 that sucks in Japan, it's just that Japan does not like MS or the 360 all too well.

Bnet3434402d ago

Congrats to Microsoft. The Xbox 360 is a good console with a nice catalog of games that I enjoy playing and Xbox Live is a great online service. 30 million is a good milestone for them.

4402d ago
IdleLeeSiuLung4402d ago

If you consider that Japan is only second to US in console sales worldwide then suddenly it is important to get that market. If not for the sales, the strategic reason to be there is of utmost importance. Would Japanese developers create games for a system that isn't present in its own country?

It is an investment into the future....

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Megatron084402d ago (Edited 4402d ago )

MS is done a great job this gen. I think it will end this gen with 70-80 million sold. When you look at the sells of all 3 systems you sell that there been about 100 million systems sold. Last gen ended with all 3 selling around 150-160 total systems.

I find it funny how up setting this news is to ps3 fanboys too. Maybe it cause they once again said this was the year of ps3 and 360 did record sells in 08 and the 360 sells are up almost 30% from that. If the 360 can keep this rate up they will break 40m by the end of the year.

Oh and about Walther

"It is shocking to see how little progress Microsoft has made in the 8"

"The first Xbox made it to 24.5 million consoles in 3.5 years"

"The second Xbox has now shipped 30 million consoles in almost 3.5"

3.5 + 3.5 = 7 not 8 this fool cant even count so I wouldnt take anything he says to seriously

4402d ago
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cherrypie4402d ago


"xbox 360 sales plateau"

What is wrong with you?

Year-over-year Xbox 360 sales are increased for 2009.

The year-over-year sales for PS3 are in *FREEFALL*.

Everyone on this site sees sales data, what is your excuse for being so ignorant?

36T4402d ago

agentOFchaos seems a little lost! Ever hear of a 3 year warrantee? Probably not since you obviously have never owned a X360. Basically you're argument is VOID! Now what's you're excuse gonna be? Try not to copy all of the other poor excuses written in here.

4402d ago
4402d ago
soxfan20054402d ago


So, now a sales increase of 25% year over year is "plateauing"? That's called GROWTH, no matter how you try to spin it.

Neoraf4402d ago

Xbox 360 is such an amazing gaming console.
Awesome game collection.
Excellent Online service.
Controller that is comfortable and robust.
Transfer of your game discs into the HDD.

30 million 360 gamers already!
Good job!

Next goal: 60 million (faster than we think)

Bucky Sligo4402d ago

Seeing all those troll comments deleted even before I read them gives me great pleasure. Keep it up!

SaberEdge4402d ago

Microsoft have done a great job this generation. It's amazing the amount of things they got right right off the bat that other consoles only added later or are still struggling to catch up to.

Well, I admit that the 360 is my favorite console, but that doesn't mean that I hate the PS3. I have a PS3 and I think it is doing well too, just not as well as the 360. They are both good consoles but I simply think the 360 does a little more right.

It is nice to see that so many other people agree with me about the 360 being a great console to own and I look forward to seeing what's next for the 360 at E3.

ThanatosDMC4402d ago

AAAHHH!!! What happened to my beloved N4G?! It's like we're gentlemen in a sick and disturbing world. Should i say goodbye and do a curtsy now?

That's it im joining the Wii camp!

cherrypie4401d ago


You are absolutely correct. The Xbox 360 offers a real improvement in available features over the previous generation (same goes for PS3).

Now the mass market is going to start to see the Xbox 360 for more than the hardcore AAA games. Video on Demand, Windows Media Extender, CableCard, TVoverIP, Netflix, Zune Marketplace (Zune Pass?), Primetime, Avatars, XBLA, Casual games, Text/Voice/Video calling and more are going to make the Xbox 360 the "default hardware platform" of the internet-connected-television.

This is "The Battle for the Living Room" -- its not about merely AAA videogames.

The mass market is going to want Xbox 360s for reasons we dont even really pay attention to. And, MS can continue to reduce the price until it is half it's current price through the next 10 years.

I'd wager the Xbox 360 is going to suprass the PS2. Why? Because the BattleftLivingRoom is a much bigger market. It is Every TV on Earth, not just "videogame players".

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Zhuk4402d ago

Only Xbox 360 gives gamers the unparalleled home entertainment experience of the 21st century combining the latest AAA titles that look and play best on Xbox 360 with the award winning feature set and Xbox LIVE ecosystem that Only Xbox 360 is capable of.

With now over 30,000,000 Xbox 360 enthusiasts out there and over 20,000,000 Xbox LIVE subscribers, comparable to the largest cable subscribers the Xbox 360 continues to grow from strength to strength as it has undoubtedly redefined the boundaries of home entertainment and changed how consumers view the living room.

Since 2005 Xbox 360 has endeavoured to empower consumers by allowing them to take control of their digital lifestyle and for them to open a whole new world of home entertainment through the power of software and the internet, the Xbox 360 today represents the driving force in all home entertainment as it is now the premier provided of games, videos and movies worldwide.

With this unparalleled strength going into E3 the Xbox 360 will be announcing new AAA titles and award winning features that industry visionary and briliant genius Don Mattrick states will "completely transform how people think of home entertainment", consumers and Xbox 360 enthusiasts worldwide are excited for these new announcements which will completely change their lifestyles and the history of the world.

This is in great contrast to the PS3 and Sony, which continues to see declining sales and the flops of its games and which has lost over $5 billion on the disaster that is the PS3, which has nearly sank Sony as a company. The PS3 is a sinking ship, and it will take Sony down with it unless they cut it off. The Xbox 360 has won this generation, the PS3 is defeated and is now being abandoned in the millions by consumers worldwide who can smell the stench of its death and who prefer to buy the ultimate home entertainment device starting at $199.

In 2009 I know who I will be Jumping In with, and it's Xbox 360.

Farmhand4402d ago

wow, did you go to school for that or does being a tool come natural?

king dong34402d ago

total fanboy nonsense right there....but i struggled not to laugh out loud in the office where i work. i should be working not sitting on n4g laughing at fanboys.

quality piece though. have a bubble for making me laugh!

II Necroplasm II4402d ago (Edited 4402d ago )

Zhuk is not a fanboy.. he is a business man. And that I can respect him for, for having the time to join our gaming lives on this gaming site.

nycredude4402d ago

They should just get rid of the open zone on this site. Getting sick of fanboys. I don't know if you believe what you wrote but if you do then damn you are a tool. I hope MS is paying you because if they are not then you need to seek professional help man. It's just a game console. There are much more important things in life to spend it sucking on some major corporation's nutsack the way you seem to enjoy doing all the time.

ambientFLIER4402d ago

It's Dark Sniper, I'm 99% certain.

badbond14402d ago

All this and still the xbox doesn't have a portable game system. That is why the original xbox is obsolete and ps2 is still going strong after all these years. That is why I am playing Infamous (na nannie na na!) and you are playing halo (or sorry azz GeOW2). I'm considering popping in either killzone 2 or mgs4 or maybe god of war 2 (60gb backward comp.) Very soon it will be Uncharted 2 and MAG and what will you do to top that? Oh, that's right, nothing! That is why my system is quite and yours is loud. Talk about reliable, I am from the old school. PS1 and PS2 were reliable and that is why the ps2 is the biggest selling console of all time. PS3 is in for the long haul, say, 2011 before they announce the ps4. Say what you want, but after E3, PS3 sales will gain plenty of momentum. And we will still have Metal Gear! Plain and simple, if a toyota camry is cheaper over a toyota lexus, which one is going to sell more? Xbox is a camry, but the ps3 is definitely a lexus! I'm rolling with the best!

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Kushan4402d ago

I'm going to pick on this post for a second. The above commenter simply said ":D". He's happy. He's glad the 360 is doing well. He didn't say anything fanboyish, he didn't make some controversial opinion known, he just said he's happy. And yet he's got (at the moment) 4 disagrees.

Why would people feel the need to disagree with that? Even if you're a PS3 fan, having good competition is better for you, it means Sony tries all the harder to make the PS3 better. Competition is good! The best thing about this generation, in comparison to previous generations, is the sheer amount of competition there is. I've never seen Sony or Microsoft try so hard to win over loyal customers, it's great!

So yeah..why disagree with this? Why be so narrow minded?

TheAntiFanboy4402d ago

Because narrow-mindedness is one of the weapons in a fanboy's arsenal. Fanboys sustain themselves on the sheer amount of negative energy that they create.

IdleLeeSiuLung4402d ago

It is probably a select few going around disagreeing in anything MS positive or Sony positive news/comments. See this countless times and it is the same thing over and over.

PS360PCROCKS4402d ago

He only has 10 disagrees because 90% on this site own the PS3.Your not happy unless you own a PS3 apparently.

4402d ago
Vavoom4402d ago (Edited 4402d ago )

"Why is this "shock" or amazing? The 360 costs less then a Wii, and only a 100 dollars more then a 10 year old Playstation 2. I would be shocked if there wasn't great sales numbers."

Yet, you and all the other PS3 fans feel that the PS3 needs to drop to the 299 price point. Such a hypocrit. I know you guys hate to be called hypocrits, but you so so are hypocrits.

Edit: @above - I agree 100 percent. Bubbles up!

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Foxgod4402d ago

Awesome, congratulations, i am pleased that the 360 is doing so well, even tho it has somewhat of a quirky reputation.

4402d ago
Arsenal4Ever4402d ago

I'm not even going to start on what you wrote. :)

II Necroplasm II4402d ago

Hard news to take for some people though :(

Jockamo4402d ago (Edited 4402d ago )

...for a console that has remained fairly quiet on the PR side of things as of late. MS really knows how to coast on their popularity!

I can just imagine their marketing department meetings. Should we come out with a new advert or something mindblowingly innovative?


That's a business!! props to ms!

IdleLeeSiuLung4402d ago (Edited 4402d ago )

I kind of agree with sack boi, you have to give MS credit for where they are now. They were up against Sony whom dominated the gaming market over a decade (just as they went up against Nintendo before that) with 140+ million consoles sold and countless fans. Sony probably has more fans than the number of consoles sold by MS.

There is no bigger giant bigger than Sony prior! In fact Sony sold more than twice as many consoles (PS2) as any other console prior to it. That is a feat that I don't know if even the Wii will surpass considering demand is tapering off and the hardcore seem to have largely abandoned it.

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