Sims 3 Piracy Rate Outpacing Spore's

The amount of users downloading The Sims 3 from torrent sites indicates that the title's long-term piracy rate could top that of Spore, the most pirated title of 2008.

The EA PC title, which isn't due for release until June 2 in the States, was leaked to torrent sites two weeks ahead of its planned launch. And according to BigChampagne, a company that monitors file sharing, it was downloaded at least 180,000 times between May 18 and May 21.

That figure outpaces the 400,000 illegal downloads of Spore over three weeks, reports Bloomberg, presumably referring to the period leading up to the title's release last year. Spore went on to be illegally downloaded some 1.7 million times during the last three months of 2008.

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dirthurts4403d ago

This is what is killing PC gaming.

Sarick4403d ago (Edited 4403d ago )

With all these leaks going the DEVs would crack down on the places where data can be stolen.

How had can it be secure your offices and keep employees from stealing code. Seriously, These movie studios and game companies must have walk in all you can download workstations open for anyone that gets in the building.

If they're serious about their stuff not being pirated early SECURE the weak links!

Oh, and I didn't agree or disagree with 1.0. Just commenting on how if it really is killing them then why aren't they securing stuff so it isn't leaked early.

steve30x4403d ago

|Whats killing PC gaming is DRM. I cant see what the big hoo haa is all about anyway. They will make millions out of this game and I doubt they will lose a cent. Just like Resident evil sold 5 million but they still cried over piracy. They easily made 50+ million out of that game and Sims 3 will make a hell of a lot more money because the game has a big following. These people who cry piracy need to get over themselves.

Zinc4403d ago

Spore sold over 2 million units, while the console exclusive The Force Unleashed sold around 1.5 million. Crysis, a PC only exclusive sold well over a 1 million units... Both Spore and Crysis were pirated to hell and yet they were still commercial hits, that created generous profits for their makers and distributors. If piracy is such a dream stealer and heart-breaker, than why can they still do that? The answer is, pirates fall into 3 categories: Those who would never buy the game they pirate, those who might eventually down the line own a legitimate copy, and those who tend to buy the titles when they get good deals or because they wish to, to support the developer.

Companies are more likely to lose money on the people who resell used copies or give/trade old games with friends and family.(in fact this happens with console games all the time, and they know it) They tried doing away with the reselling aspect when they started requiring serial codes/cd keys, and of course with services like Steam, it is virtually impossible to trade. This has created a vacuum in the gaming world, notably on the PC side of things. If you could go to your reseller of choice and pick up a copy of whatever floats your boat, for half the price, many people would, just like they do with console games.

But, most stores that resell games, have either no PC section, or a ghetto PC section with PC section versions of crack dealers and chicken heads.

What is killing the PC market, is not the market, it's the mindset.

Just like the music industry has backed off and has started almost embracing this trend, so perhaps, should the gaming industry.

Or not, they can do what they like.

El_Colombiano4403d ago

THAT, right above me, is the single most smartest post I have ever seen on N4G. I applaud you man.

ChampIDC4403d ago

Zinc, you hit the nail on the head.

Right now, the best gaming model on PC is the one Valve uses. They don't care if you pirate their games, because you miss out on the multiplayer experience.

If companies want to stop piracy, they need to work on a creative way to make people want to buy their games.

FantasyStar4403d ago

Word. Really now. I'm not going to say that piracy is blown out of proportion nor that it's not justified because that's doing a disservice to the indie-devs that can't break even due to the already-harsh PC climate. I keep saying this and the music industry has already taken notice: find a new business model. One that works for consumers and publishers.

jkashuba074403d ago

Zinc you are absolutely right!

evrfighter4403d ago

@ zinc

a quality post. Much needed here @ n4g.

IdleLeeSiuLung4403d ago (Edited 4403d ago )

One thing to keep in mind is risk to reward ratio. There are certainly many games that make huge profits, but there are far more games that fail, even great games. If the risk to reward ration is too high, you might find fewer large investment into games.

You got some good points, but I would also like to add that a used games was initially a new game sold at a profit to the publisher/developer. Devs at least at some point got their cut. There are also ways to combat used games sales as well, like including one time downloadable items. Who knows, in the future we might get a key code to distinguish new game supporters over used game purchaser with some advantages.

In contrast a pirated game never benefitted the developer or the publisher, but increases support cost on servers (for multiplayer games) and technical phone support.

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Sarick4403d ago (Edited 4403d ago )

Like, really they removed the DRM. One excuse why pirates said they pirated stuff was because excessive DRM.

So much for that logic.

nikola9874403d ago

why would I wait for two full weeks for this game when I can just download it and play it, it has nothing to do with DRM.

4403d ago
Sarick4403d ago

Your right why would you wait two weeks. This leads back to my first comment 1.1.

The games shouldn't have been leaked in the first place. I think the most likely candidates for leaks in the media. The DEVs ship out the game for reviews a few weeks before release.

Elven64403d ago

The thing with the Sims is 10 years later it wills till be topping the NPD charts. I'd wait for sales numbers before saying piracy is really going to kill this game. Given the huge success of previous Sims titles I doubt it, but then again anything can happen!

4403d ago
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