The Kojima Productions Report Session 093

With E3 just around the corner,Sean and Christine give Chris the low-down at what really happens at E3.

Be sure to check back early next week for their E3 special report!

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MetalGearBear 4401d ago

can't wait it. No Xbox360 for u.

Dir_en_grey4401d ago

Somebody if anything is coming up, the girl replied:
"This week we have a party, for the completion of MGST"

MGST!!! So "Solid" is still in there and wonder what "T" is.
Anyway, I don't Konami will pass the chance and not release a MGS4 subsistance of some sort, they've always done it w/ this franchise and there is no reason they would pass up milking the cow a little more.

I did find hi-res scans of the interview of Kojima though:

I guess you can't blame people that it might come to the 360 because "3","6", and "0" actually appears in the pic; just like how "P", "S", "3" appeared on the site. Heck there's a "C" in the pic so somebody could say it's coming to the "P","C" too.

I'm not suggesting any of the above, but I also don't doubt any of them because that's the way I feel when reading the interview. I also know that Kojima really likes to play misleads and play jokes so speculations means nothing until Kojima actually tells us at E3.

Oh about the countdown ends on Microsoft or Sony conference argument it can pretty much end now, because in the scans it made it very clear that Kojima WILL reviews game at E3, and also stated that Kojima will reveal the game little by little up to the point of E3.

acetw1n4401d ago

I think its MGS touch

Dellis4401d ago

What happened to the american guy who left Kojipro, did he go work for some other company or did he quit the gaming business???. He was the one who supposedly made MGS4 into a shooter for the Western gamers, or helped with the controls I forget.

acetw1n4401d ago (Edited 4401d ago )

I think he works for bungie ,no kiding he's currently working on the new halo title ostd or something. its such a shame I wonder what's worng with him? well, he really was just an american token anyway.

Envy274401d ago

His mother was really sick, and ryan didnt want to be far away from home if something happen'd.
Since he worked in japan, he didnt want to have to choose between his work and his family... Family comes first.. so he moved back to America with his family, and got a job at bungie.

acetw1n4401d ago (Edited 4401d ago )

Thats understandable, I wonder how it will effect future mgs titles,maybe less of a western feel to them.

Dellis4401d ago

Dir_en_grey -

all that stuff is wishful thinking, for all we know with those 3, 6, 0

stuff in the scans could all be the date of the game being revealed

of course 360 fans want a MGS on 360 but the fact the MGS4 staff is

doing this game pretty much puts that dream to rest, they master PS3

and made the engine on PS3, so they can only push the engine further

on PS3.

Do you remember that TGS08 video where they showed off the game?, remember how the game looked there?, that is how MGS5 will probably look.

Dir_en_grey4401d ago

After listening to the podcast, to me they kinda made it clear that they are doing these (hints or misdirection depending on how you look at it) to see the feed back and see how people would react to the idea while not actually asking consumers directly.

It's a pretty cleaver way to do a survey w/o pissing off or letting people down by actually asking the question.