Playstation 3 Exclusive Quantum Theory Delayed Until 2010 In Japan

PushSquare: "Tecmo's stomping action Playstation 3 exclusive - Quantum Theory - will not make it to Japanese stores until 2010, making a localized Western version not look likely until late next year; or even 2011."

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4406d ago
Lifendz4406d ago

and I don't see why localization should take that long. This isn't an RPG.

candystop4406d ago

Well at this rate there won't be but 2 ps3 exclusives released this year.

SL1M DADDY4406d ago

A Gears of War clone that uses a game engine other than the UE3? Heck yeah, I'm game!

So we will have to wait a year for it? Ok, guess I'll sit tight and play some Modern Warfare 2, Uncharted 2, Bioshock 2, God of War III, R&C, and many more while I wait it out.

ZuperAmazingCooKie4406d ago

So which of the following are actually coming this year? EyePet,MAG, GT5, GOW3, Yakuza 3, Heavy Rain, The Agency?

So far for PS3 we know Uncharted 2, WKC, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Demon's soul, Afrika and Ratchet ACIT will be coming this holiday, but what else? Not as big as many claimed. Where Is WarDevil and all those Cellius games?

snoopgg4406d ago

seems like forever we have been waiting and no games. Too bad for Huxley too!!!

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sinncross4406d ago

Wow that is bad news. Hopefully this means they will upgrade it and all because it was not exactly a graphical powerhouse considering its exclusive status (yes that pic on the site shows otherwise but that's due to compression: the game has bad aliasing issues)

It also might not be as well received, especially if Gears 3 gets released around that time.

I have hope in this game, so come on Tecmo, deliver :)

boodybandit4406d ago

was going multiplatform.

Not to turn this into a bash Gears fest but if I am being totally honest, unless Epic does some serious tweaking to UE3 or comes out with a newer engine altogether? I personally am not even interested in another Gears on the 360. It's too much a hit or miss online and that wouldn't be so bad if Epic allowed you to quit a room without having to turn off the game completely and then taking a -1500 point hit on your next match.

Sony Rep4406d ago

Haha. no one plays Gears anymore...

maxcer4406d ago

then stop quitting matches when you start to loose

i guess MS has been lying about gears2 being the #4 most played game for over 5 months

boodybandit4406d ago (Edited 4406d ago )

It just goes to show you how insecure fanboys are on this site when a fellow gamer can't give an honest opinion without moronic remarks like yours.

You have to look no further than my profile to see I am a 360 gamer and Gears 2 is the last game I played on my console. I don't quit because how myself or my team is doing, actually I think I only quit once, I quit because the server is lagging so hard that it is completely unplayable. Anyone that has seriously played Gears 2 online and is honest, will admit Gears 2 has serious lag issues (at times) and matchmaking ( again at times) is still cumbersome.

When you have something to actually contribute come back. Until then go ask mommy for a hug and some cookies. Oh and before you come back with the weak excuse get a better connection? Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time. I have the fastest connection my area has to offer and I pay through the nose for it. I don't have any issues with lag in any other game like I do in Gears of War 2. The game is subpar online (at times and dependent on the P2P connection) and you're kidding yourself if you believe other wise.

Oh and BTW I have taken -1500 point hits for losing my connection to poor P2P connections. Yeah that's a great ranking system.

Oh and BTW, BTW. I wouldn't pound my chest on where Gears of War 2 ranks online considering it's pretty much always been 4 or 5 on XBL since it launched. Why do you think that is? Don't you think it should have had the number 1 or 2 spot for at least a month or 2?

The reason it didn't is because of the performance issues and a lot of Gears (1) fans (which I am one of them. I probably logged 2000 hours on the original online) not digging the new matchmaking system and all the other issues at launch.

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callahan094406d ago

No issue for me. Too many good games in 2009 coming already, I like to have something to look forward to for the farther future. Also, I highly doubt a game like this will have a long localization time. It seems like a western-themed style of gameplay more than most Japanese games, what with it being sort of Gears-inspired and all. It'll probably have a short localization period, OR it may even be a simultaneous release.

get2sammyb4406d ago

Yeah, so long as they use the time wisely to make the game better, there's plenty of action games in 2009. One such Uncharted 2 springs to mind; not to mention Assassins.

raztad4406d ago

I guess some developers are realizing that 2009 is already too packed with games. Rockstar delayed RDR and Mafia2, Tecmo is delaying QT. IMO that is a good thing. I can afford a limited number of games, most of them exclusives and some multiplats if they prove to be real good. I'll expect the other to reach the bargain bin.

I already got inFAMOUS, but I want R&C:ToD2, NGS2, UC2, WKC, DS. Ghostbuster, Batman:AA are the multiplayer games that interest me. Additionally my PSP is taking me away from my ps3, I want Dissidia:FF, Persona, perhaps motorstorm and LBP.

blacksniper4406d ago

I completely forgot about this game. That sucks.

deadreckoning6664406d ago (Edited 4406d ago )

But no one ever said Quantum Theory was coming in 2009, it was always gunna be a 2010 release. Im happy their delaying it and trying to make it as perfect as posssible. It has to be if it wants to dominate Gears 2. Either way Ps3 HAS A TON of stuff happening in 09'. But now its tyme to worry about 2010. I hope Sony doesn't do anything stupid and release God of War 3 this year.

Sony Rep4406d ago

Why would a western release be delayed until 2011 or pushed bach beyond a Japan release? This game was made for a western audience, and Tecmo releases all of their stuff worldwide.

Fact check or don't say anything. This isn't Final Fantasy XIII.

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