Gainward and Palit blast AMD for their GPU product policy

BSN: "Recently, a lot of media grabbed attention at the decision brought forward by PALIT and its subsidiaries. We can reveal that it is not just Gainward that is considering ditching the ATI lineup, it's the whole PALIT Group. Given the fact that the Palit Group [Palit, Palit Multimedia, Gainward, Galaxy] is one of world's largest manufacturers of graphics cards, these words should be taken with caution by all people in the graphics chain.

Since this is a matter where nobody will go on record, asked or not - you can treat this as a rumor or as a look into a crystal ball - your choice. Under the condition of anonymity, we were given information concerning the current state of affairs between Gainward, Palit and AMD. Brace for impact, this is going to get rough."

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