Rumor: leaked Metal Gear Solid 5 music track

the guy who uploaded it is akira wong, looks like he's the composer ths time around. here's his site and imdb link.


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ngg123455502d ago (Edited 5502d ago )

Which is kind of suprising me because this guy seems pretty legit. But it is obviously a fake.

Mindboggle5501d ago (Edited 5501d ago )

Im not being funny, I could find a similar song, stick it in a youtube video and it would sound legit. This really shouldnt of been approved.

Tomdc5501d ago

seems more aceptable to me than half the speculation over this teaser on this site!

SnuggleBandit5501d ago

it says rumor in the title lol

rCrysis5502d ago

i actually loved the work Harry Gregson-Williams did with MGS2, 3, and 4.

I hope he does come back to compose some score for 5 or whatever surprise is in store.

the music does sound pretty legit.

DeforMAKulizer5501d ago

I like it a lot... And it sounds very "Metal Gear"ish...
Wonder is Harry-Gregson Williams will have a hand in this...
If its a fake then its a pretty good one!

Delriach5501d ago

I doubt this is real, but the dude has some pretty good music on his site. He has a cool version of a song from FFVII called Crying Planet.

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Yes, that's Kara in season 4 of The Boys

Been watching season 4 of The Boys and find Firecracker's face familiar? As a gamer, where you know her from might surprise you.

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Nerdmaster18h ago

I did have one of those "where do I know her from...?" feelings.
It's funny how a different hair style changes a person. I saw some pictures of her with short or blond hair and it made me remember Kara, but making her a redhead AND with long hair, just bugged my brain.
Here's hoping her character survives until the end of the show (even though her character is a horrible person).

just_looken17h ago

No doubt homelander will get pissed and show her his appreciation.

Episode 3 i was expecting a bitch slap death but it never happened he was zoned out then.

Would it not buy the boys still comedy she fight's back with that lame finger snap power he is like bitch really then just takes her out with one hit LOL

bloop6h ago

Thank you. Couldn't remember who Kara was and was too lazy to open article.

Tankbusta4011h ago

The only image from the show in my mind is the multiplying dudes eating each others butts in the sauna