Tritton AX Pro Hardware review on PlayDevil

The Euro game website "PlayDevil" has posted a new hardware review on their site and they've taken a closer look on the "Tritton AX Pro" headphones.

Here's a snip:

"The package itself looks really cool, with a smartly and clean package in white and orange. The headset itself also has the same excellent level of design, with a sleek silver design, large padded earcups and a glowing orange Tritton logo that glows when the headset is plugged in. Setting everything up was unfortunately a little bit of a chore, as there are quite a few wires to be plugged in, and fairly inexplicably, the headset itself requires two power adaptors.

You can also customise almost any aspect of the sound thanks to the ability to control the volume for the different speakers independently, as well as controlling the mike and chat levels."

More info in the story url.

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