Max Payne 3 Coming This Year December'09

According to Max Payne 3 will arrive this year and this is huge.

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MattG4402d ago

Who doesnt think this Fall could be one of the best in gaming history?

iDystopia4402d ago

I agree dude and we will have an even better idea of how WOWsome after E3.

King_many_layers4402d ago

I REALLY hope this is better than Max Payne 2.... shot in the head anyone ??

Max payne was such an engaging game that if they updated the gameplay and graphics but kept it the same I'd easily go out and buy it.

Please be as good as Max Payne 1.. PLEASE

ShabzS4402d ago

i felt mp2 was way better than the first one ... short and sweet... not that mp 1 was not totally awesome in itself ... so yeah heres to hoping this one blows BOTH the games outta the water ...

egm_hiphopgamer4402d ago

Max Payne is a classic game you guys so glad to see it come this year man and the presence at E3 should be really good too. I'll give you guys all the details

Rhezin4402d ago

the soundtrack and gameplay is what REALLY made Max Payne.