PS3 F.E.A.R the worst version of F.E.A.R available?

When I saw F.E.A.R's metascore (75) I was really surprised. Even more surprised when I saw what the reviewers had to say...."Possibly the worst version of F.E.A.R. available"..."A glaring disappointment considering it looked and played miles better on PC"..."It's aged badly. The PS3 version looks like the PC version running on low detail..."

This must be great news for the 360 fanboys...even though it must be noted that this can't be blamed on the console as another game "Oblivion" which is equally impressive in graphics was actually praised by some as being better than the the developers are to be blamed for being lazy on the port (pointed out by swordmasterphoen).

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Neutral Gamer4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

The MetaCritic score for the Xbox 360 version of the game (85) was based on the review ratings of 43 websites/magazines and the PS3 version is based only on 4 ratings.

I haven't played either version of the game and am trying to remain unbiased. All I humbly ask therefore is, is this statistically significant?

mad4272d ago

yes that is right of you to say that but the reviewers seem specifically negative about the PS3 version, one even calls it the worse version of the more reviews come along we will know for sure if that is indeed the almost immediate jump to conclusion was because these magazines are in the non-bias or reliable leagues...

Neutral Gamer4272d ago

Thanks for your reply mate. I just wanted to make sure you weren't a fanboy before I thought about approving this story. By your response I can see that you're not and I can understand what you're trying to say.

Therefore an Approval is on it's way! Cheers. :)

DrWan4272d ago

yah, statistically insignificant with 4 reviews, standard deviation too wide.

swordmasterphoen4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

Well, it's of no consequence for the PS3 as a console. The machine (or Sony) has nothing to do with poorly ported games. That's entirely the creator's fault.

In fact, you could simply look for "Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2". The game was HORRIBLE on PC, and it was just passable on XBox; yet it was spectacular on PS2. It's not the console, it's the game.

So I don't agree with the comment made by the news poster: "This is not good for the PS3...not good at all." should be on the lines of: "Why did the F.E.A.R. team do such a horrible job on this version?, are they trying to make the PS3 look bad?".

If everyone praised Oblivion on PS3, why does F.E.A.R. look bad on the same console?. Well, it's probably just because the team in charge of it just didn't care too much about this version of the game. And once again, this just proves my point of view on why Multi games are not always the way to go.

Neutral Gamer4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

... I like the way you actually respond to any criticism that occurs in these comments and even change your article accordingly.

Ha, that's cool mate. It's always good to listen to criticism, especially if you learn from it.

Keep up the good work and here's some positive feedback for you! :)

Covenant4271d ago

Here I was with a long post ready for this article...and Swordmaster said everything I was going to post. Good job. Positive feedback for you.

And again, this is why ports--of any kind--aren't always a good idea.

kamakazi4272d ago

even the 360 version looked ugly when i got it off xbl, this game is ugly period

Ps30074272d ago

I just tried and I can run this game on 1 of my 7800gt's with a single core cpu with 4xaa 16af and still average 30fps in their benchmark...

But whatever like I said before the game has dated so much why even release it. Plus its free for PC's anyhow.

They wasted there time obviously.

xfrgtr4272d ago

Try to run Oblivion with your prehistoric hardware and compare it to the ps3 version,hahahahaha!!!!,the ps3 grafic card is not a 7800;its a custom nvidia grafic card based on the 7 series architecture;don't make nonsense comparison

UrbanJabroni4271d ago

I don't really think I would call the 7800 series "prehistoric."

I have an eVGA 7800 GTX OC in my machine and it runs oblivion maxed as smooth as butter.

Ps3Fanboy7774272d ago

Why would I want this game to run good on a Ps3? That would be pretty pointless...

The Snake4272d ago

If you played it you'd know why you want it.

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