The Portable Gamer Review: Kaloki Adventures for iPhone

TPG writes: "Kaloki Adventures is Ninja Bee's latest journey into the Kaloki world. Originally released on the PC, but arguably made famous on the Xbox 360, Outpost Kaloki is a brilliant city building sim set in space. The concept is much the same, complete a number of scenarios to rescue the princess. If you're like me, you won't really care about the princess, but you will care about just how fun this game is! The story mode of the game offers 14 levels of varying objectives to progress to the next level. In between are excerpts of conversations between various alien creatures. It's perhaps not the most in-depth of stories but I didn't find it a huge problem. Besides the story there are also 6 free-form scenarios which as you might guess from the name means you can do what you want and just enjoy the game."

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roblef4403d ago

graphics just seem to be getting better and better. This kind of reminds me of those math blaster/ sam & max kind of games, visually.

killyourfm4403d ago

Yea, it makes me wonder at what visual level the iPhone will "top out" - I NEVER thought we'd see graphics as stunning as they are lately (NFS Underground, Rolando, etc...)

wondroushippo4403d ago

I think that as the platform continues to grow, we'll continue to see more and more high-quality games, especially as publishers realise that there is money in the App Store if you make a quality product. A lot of the really good games and high sellers have been legitimately good games, and that is a good sign for the platform.

CrAppleton4402d ago

It's funny how good the graphics are on the iPhone.. amazing really.. I wonder how long it'll be before they're looking better than the Wii

Neco5124402d ago

I don't know that they'll top the Wii, although that's not very hard, but I think they look great for the phone

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supercharger51504403d ago

It's great that you can get some of these pretty long and involved games for only $1.99 to $5.99 typically at most. And they're not crappy graphics, bad play either.

CrAppleton4402d ago

It's pretty crappy for those of us without an iPhone.. why can't we even get quality sh!t on other systems for the full price of a game??

Neco5124402d ago

good to see such quality games at any price really

Neco5124402d ago

Anyone else like to see some quality like this make its way to the PSP?

CrAppleton4402d ago

seriously... at or near the same price please.. haha

wondroushippo4402d ago

It does piss me off that the PSP's got this fantastic mechanism for digital distribution in place, and Sony (and the 3rd parties) are just pissing it all away by doing nothing.