Resident Evil 5 Wishlist

IGN Australia thought that RE4 was a triumph and rejuvenated a series that was starting to become stale. They expect RE5 to continue down the same path of innovation.

But due to a lack of new news on the game, IGN have come up with ten inclusions they're "dying" to see in the upcoming release.

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Neutral Gamer4277d ago

I've played Resident Evil 4 on both the PS2 and the Gamecube and if you consider how impressive it looked on those consoles, imagine how sweet it'll look on the PS3 and 360!

Those next gen visuals will definitely help with the atmosphere, with shadows showing even a game set during the daylight can be scary.

I like their multiplayer idea - how cool would it be to be playing with your friends co-operatively against the zombies. Or even better, if one of your friends gets attacked they could "turn" to the other side, get some extra powers and start fighting with the zombies against you!

techie4277d ago

I like how you always comment first on your news posts. You should put them in the actual article summary...they are very readable :)

The multiplayer idea sounds like the stuff we've heard of Army of

Neutral Gamer4277d ago

I think I'm just very impatient, deepbrown mate, I like to get the ball rolling! If someone sees an article's been commented on they're more likely to add their own two cents as well.

Plus it stops the first post being a fanboy rant, e.g.

"The PS3 version of RE5 will TOTALLY OWN the 360 dude! PS The 360 SUCKS ASS!"

Haha (or something like that!)

I've thought about putting more of my own words into the description, but then I'm worried I might cross the line and end up putting too much of my own opinion in there and bias the article - always gotta remain Neutral mate, as the name implies!

Still, I might start upping the ante a little bit, now that I've been a contributor for a few weeks I'm a lot less paranoid about people reporting my stories or giving me negative feedback!

techie4276d ago

Yuh you can't cross that thin line. But I tend to Make the description most sites don't introduce they're pieces properly. They just jump on in.

And sometimes you find something yourself that's interesting (like release dates on UK PS site) and you have to do your own little bit of editorial work.

The Snake4277d ago (Edited 4277d ago )

My dumb ass sold my PS2 before I could play this game. I was getting bored of the earlier RE games and had written the franchise off as a loss. I am currently working on RE4 on GC (never had a GC, thank God for Wii BC) and am planning on finishing it within the week. I'll have to say my bias almost robbed me of one of the greatest games I've ever played. Do what you have to and take as long as you need Capcom. I'll be waiting as long as you need.

"While we're on the subject of weapons, the weapons upgrade system from RE4? Loved it. And the Merchant was dead sexy. More of that please." I agree wholeheartedly. More of that please indeed. Also, thanks for not needing ribbons to use the typewriter. That was lame.

zonetrooper54276d ago

I never played RE4 but i think it was better on the Gamecube than the PS2, however i might try out RE5 on my Xbox 360. I would love for their to be mutiplayer, maybe online co-op.

PureGamer4276d ago

you never played it but you somehow come to the assumption of its better on one system? that dont cut it mate. I played this game on the Gamecube my bro bought it, loved it what a game. RE 5 will be a classic and i love these ideas.

BBsin4276d ago

played both RE4s on both systems,there wasn't a glaring difference in graphics between the two but the gamecube version was smoother. however, the PS2 version made up for it with the Laser weapon and new bonus missions with ada.

PS360WII4276d ago

But online play for Resident Evil is really not needed at all. Sure online is the new thing on the block but really don't include it in every game that comes out.

Other than that I like the list

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