Xbox 360 Elite VERSUS PlayStation 3

Is the Xbox 360 Elite really a better deal than the Playstation 3?

An in-depth comparison of the two flagship game consoles from Microsoft and Sony.

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Neutral Gamer4279d ago (Edited 4279d ago )

I agree with Joe, this article could have been just another wet dream for fanboys but instead it presents both sides of the story and doesn't really end up being biased.

Still wish the Elite had Wi-Fi as standard though considering how cheap it is!

More articles like this please to offset all those damn April Fools ones!

Boink4279d ago

countdown to flamewars...

power of Green 4279d ago (Edited 4279d ago )

is not that great.

Its about time somebody used common sense towards the Elite or the realality on the current state of the gaming industry for that matter. Sheeesh!!!...

I do agree that sence a HDMI port/cable is included the HD-DVD player should come bundled although it would raise the 360 over PS3s price which defeates MSs marketing purpose with thier arch enemy, J/k. Brings me back to the good old Xbox days with its black color with forest green leds and X symbol. Talk about pimped out Xbox

BubblesDAVERAGE4279d ago

He is somewat of a fanboy of MS..hat is my opnion ....talking about acheivements...if u never played the game who cares...lots of playstaion owners can care less abou thoes silly acheivements

God of Gaming4278d ago

Dispite the fact that YOU and your friends dont care about them, just about everyone on my friends list talks about them in some capacity. Its a great way to get people to play... why hate on them? It is a bonus.. period.